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Parents and students:Flier 20162

Flier 2016Welcome to the Huntley High School Media Program’s “Join the Team” page! Here you will find information on why HHS journalism is one of the best activities you can join.

To start, click on the graphic to the right to see the flier that was given to recruits and students attending the electives fair Jan. 12.  After that, click through the above links for more information.

A note from the editors:

For us, The Voice is more than a grade and a class. Journalism allows us to connect to the student body and share stories and opinions that matter. As an editorial board, we have brought about change within our school by starting conversations with our publication.

Newspaper class is a way to meet new people of all grade levels, interests, and “cliques.” Whether you are looking for a place to show your leadership, writing, drawing, or photography skills or you want to get outside your comfort zone in an awarding, albeit challenging, class, The Voice is right for you!

Amelia Pozniak and Ellie Armstrong

Editors-in-Chief 2020-2021