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The Voice

The Voice

One of the sets that Termanas has made for one of her clients.

Nailin’ her nails

Sophomore Jenna Termanas started doing her own nails and now has started her own business.
By Anna Karpinski
April 27, 2024

Walking into the nail salon filled with girls, the loud buzzing of electric nail files, discussing designs, and gossiping with the nail tech comes with...

Martina Sapia explores Illinois

New place, new experiences

Foreign exchange student Martina Sapia spends her senior year at Huntley High School
By Jadyn Sola
March 19, 2024

Traveling from Italy to Illinois, foreign exchange student Maria Sapia decided to spend her senior year at Huntley High School. She arrived in Illinois...

Eros posed as Gatsby during a rehearsal.

The Greatest Gatsby

By Santino Bedolla
March 8, 2024

The hallway leading to the Black Box Theater boomed with people getting ready to audition, reciting their monologues. Through the commotion in the room,...

Andrew finishes up his work on a Jeep.

Detailing during downtime

Junior Andrew Kelly shares how he got into starting his car detailing business
By Anna Karpinski
March 2, 2024

After school most students rush home and get ready for work at Starbucks, Target, or fast food restaurants. Unlike others, junior Andrew Kelly gets home...

Fruin as Juliet’s mother in “Romeo and Juliet” kissing Juliet’s dead body in the high school’s production.

Directing center stage

Senior Kylee Fruin loves acting but even more so sharing her love through directing musicals and plays.
By Taryn Rainey
February 28, 2024

The theater is filled on opening night.  The excited audience quiets their conversations as the lights dim.  Then, the curtain rises.  But...

Tantra members Annalisa Renghini and Matthew Glosson perform at an event.

Music bands Huntley together

Late Start Live on Wednesday mornings features student-run bands.
By Gianna Monilaw
February 25, 2024

Every Wednesday, Huntley High School hosts a live band in the commons area, which is better known as Late Start Live. Students have found a better connection...

Ava Burns assists staff members with laying out sections of the Harmony yearbook.

Putting another year in the books

Editor in chief Ava Burns paves the way to excellence in yearbook making.
By Emily Galicki
February 20, 2024

As the school year wraps up, teachers and students eagerly await for the summer. Unfortunately for seniors, graduation closes up an important chapter in...

Anne Sharkey with students in Japan 2023.

Teachers take students to travel the world

Traveling with students around the world Anne Sharkey and Bradley Aney share what it's like being Co-Travel Program Leaders.
By Sydney Derbas
January 26, 2024

Being a teacher can be stressful, but being involved in multiple programs at Huntley High School can be even harder. Especially for Social Studies and...

 Duran modeling in a quinceanera dress.

Serving on and off the runway

Junior Shamel Duran on modeling and being involved in school.
By Rumaithah Khan
December 14, 2023

It's Saturday morning and unlike most students, Shamel Duran is busy doing her hair and makeup. She is getting ready to walk down the runway in her 15-pound...

Anne Price standing in her Math Team quarter-zip jacket.

Adding to Math Team’s leadership

Math Team coach Anne Price leads the team with positivity and strengthens her classes with different learning techniques.
By Anna Karpinski
December 6, 2023

Every Tuesday students get together for a Math Team meeting; the team meets once a week for a little over an hour. They separate by grade level and work...

Smith standing in front of her office in the North Pod.

The famous social worker

Social worker Emily Smith shares her joy with others through her work.
By Gianna Monilaw
December 1, 2023

Social worker Emily Smith has grown some popularity throughout the school for her outstanding social skills and in-school engagement she has with students...

Note-able talent

Junior Grace Comeaux shares a passion for playing the trumpet as she hopes to influence others as well
By Reagan Young
November 14, 2023

Standing bravely in front of an audience consisting of hundreds of people, junior Grace Comeaux lifts her trumpet high and begins to play the first notes...

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