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The life of Isabella Doles
The life of Isabella Doles
Delaney Cairns, Staff writer • February 19, 2021

16 years old, the age you get your driver's license. You are just beginning to look at life through the eyes of an adult, and you are not yet...

Courtesy of Christina Pfaff
Christina Pfaff: Huntley then and now
Luma Acevedo January 27, 2021

Christina Pfaff grew up in Huntley playing volleyball. Both Huntley and volleyball run through her veins. A member of Huntley High School’s...

Courtesy of Lillia Kaye
Lillia Kaye dances her way through life
Alex Hartleb January 26, 2021

Roughly one year ago, current sophomore Lillia Kaye rushed down to the music department hall in order to warm up for the long night ahead of...

Courtesy of Ryan Alemany
Fire Flow
Bailey Lim January 24, 2021

Current day’s trending music revolves around the pop and rapping categories. Massive amounts of people listen to the popular emotion-based...

Courtesy of @oliviapawlakmakeup
Olivia Pawlak, rising makeup artist
Shannon Magura January 19, 2021

Social media has always been a great platform for people to express themselves but is more commonly used among big creators and celebrities....

Courtesy of Lauren Masseth
Lauren Masseth escapes from 2020
Megan Curry January 14, 2021

New Year’s is a time of partying and celebration as the year comes to a close with high hopes and anticipation for the next year. Most high...

Courtesy of Tamera Wyman
The Zoology Club continues to share exotic animals through Zoom.
Jacey Sola, Staff Writer • December 18, 2020

The Zoology Club, sponsored by science teacher, Tamera Wyman, and Kathleen Henn, is still continuing to show and teach students about many exotic...

Courtesy of Sunni Kwon
NHS President Sunni Kwon goes big
Ruhi Gulati, Floating Editor • December 18, 2020

Junior Sunni Kwon wipes the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. Her fingers drip with paint, but she does not notice. She is focused...

Social workers helping students during the pandemic
Social workers helping students during the pandemic
Gabby Terez, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020

Assignments, work, summatives, and personal life can already put enough stress on students during a regular school year. Considering the situation...

Courtesy of Blake Buczkiewicz
Blake Buczkiewicz and his journey through opera singing
Holly Urbanczyk, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020

Some people can sing, others play instruments, and some just prefer to listen to music. However, there are some, like Blake Buczkiewicz, who...

Courtesy of Sarah Reilly
Behind the scenes of a hobby
Sarah Reilly December 7, 2020

Even before quarantine, being stuck at home was boring. You have nothing to do and your friends can not hang out. You can not drive because your...

Courstey of Molly Baker
The effect on the Senior Class
Molly Baker December 4, 2020

As senior Linsdey Leigh starts her morning, she grabs her Chromebook, coffee, and backpack to get to her first-period class. She walks into her...

Courtesy of Lauren Raupp
Junior Lauren Raupp's creativity takes the floor
Austin Zenaty November 16, 2020

Creativity is a beautiful thing. Lauren Raupp, a junior at Huntley High School, has been drawing since she was little. She enjoys drawing and...

Alyssa Gonzales blazes her own trail
Alyssa Gonzales blazes her own trail
Lexi Radzinski November 14, 2020

“Please give a round of applause to the first admitted freshman of the Valparaiso University class of 2025, Alyssa Gonzales!” Gonzales looks...

Courtesy of District 158
District 158 nurses prep for the students
Zoe Emerson November 10, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been stressful for a lot of people. Many are getting sick, dying, struggling financially, and dealing with anxiety...

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