The Voice

Courtesy of Lauren Raupp
Junior Lauren Raupp's creativity takes the floor
Austin Zenaty November 16, 2020

Creativity is a beautiful thing. Lauren Raupp, a junior at Huntley High School, has been drawing since she was little. She enjoys drawing and...

Alyssa Gonzales blazes her own trail
Alyssa Gonzales blazes her own trail
Lexi Radzinski November 14, 2020

“Please give a round of applause to the first admitted freshman of the Valparaiso University class of 2025, Alyssa Gonzales!” Gonzales looks...

Courtesy of District 158
District 158 nurses prep for the students
Zoe Emerson November 10, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been stressful for a lot of people. Many are getting sick, dying, struggling financially, and dealing with anxiety...

Working within the core of the community
Working within the core of the community
Rayne Zilch November 6, 2020

Cathy Youngquist is a member of the Huntley community and plays a big role in the finance for Del Webb. “I do a lot of sitting at my computer....

Courtesy of Branden Reed
Out the ballpark
Bailey Lim November 6, 2020

The smell of rubber from the pitching machine, the sight of the opposing players, the impact of the baseball hitting the bat echo as the team...

Courtesy of Kiersten Hornberg
Senior Kiersten Hornberg leads on the Student Advisory Council
Izzi Kellas November 6, 2020

Aspiring educator and senior Kiersten Hornberg represents Huntley High School on the Student Advisory Council of the Illinois State Board of...

courtesy of A. Joob
What’s going on at Tom’s Farm Market during COVID-19
Arianna Joob October 29, 2020

The bright orange and red leaves flutter to the ground. The sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier at night. Some mornings, a white...

Z. Mohammed
Student Council continues planning online
Zaina Mohammed October 27, 2020

As Emily Chong and the rest of the board members prepare themselves to log onto the first Student Council meeting of the school year, they cross...

Courtesy of DeFrancesco
Behind the curtain
Ally Berens October 27, 2020

Knowing that feeling of stepping off the stage as the curtain closes makes her feel right at home. Although Christine DeFrancesco was in almost...

Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory
Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory
Delaney Cairns, Staff Writer • October 26, 2020

The gun blared and the giant crowd of girls began their strides toward the blue flag in the distance. The crisp air of the Saturday morning stung...

Courtesy of N. Darnall
Road to Mountain Biking: Dylan Hart's Story
Nikki Darnall October 24, 2020

Dylan Hart’s eight-year-old eyes glistened as he looked at his very first bike. It was the typical cheap-first-bike from Walmart. The bold...

How are our bus drivers really doing?
How are our bus drivers really doing?
Jon Hani, Staff Writer • October 24, 2020

Being a bus driver is a very important job and we all appreciate the work that school bus drivers do for our community, but unfortunately, they...

Courtesy of L. Schmit
Fall Fun at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch
Lauren Schmit October 20, 2020

The fresh smell of the musky pumpkins and the dark woods off of the busy road. The bright orange color of the hundreds of pumpkins lined up....

Debating through the screen
Debating through the screen
Sophia Coronado October 15, 2020

Bradley Aney’s Current Issues class has different topics and units that adhere to its curriculum. However, the students are allowed to interpret...

Courtesy of Naina Birdi
E-learning in the art department
Zaina Mohammed October 9, 2020

Sophomore Naina Birdi impatiently sat in front of her computer screen on Aug. 21 while her Zoom meeting was loading on the connecting page.  “How...