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The Voice

Ava Burns assists staff members with laying out sections of the Harmony yearbook.

Putting another year in the books

Editor in chief Ava Burns paves the way to excellence in yearbook making.
By Emily Galicki
February 20, 2024

As the school year wraps up, teachers and students eagerly await for the summer. Unfortunately for seniors, graduation closes up an important chapter in...

Santino Bedolla, top right, in uniform sitting with his euphonium and in uniform.

Marching in to the lead

As the new band leaders are chosen, sophomore Santino Bedolla takes on new opportunities to grow and lead as a Low Brass Section leader
By Taryn Rainey
April 18, 2023

Sophomore Santino Bedolla lifts his euphonium up to his mouth, as he finds his mark before his cue. Marching band is meticulous, but he has found a deep...

Ava Burns and Meenakshi Swaminathan at one of their many meets of the Speech Team season.

What it is like being a captain

Ava Burns and Meenakshi Swaminathan on leading the Speech Team
By Sarah Christenson
November 17, 2022

As she prepares herself for her seven and a half minute speech, she must battle the nerves that rush through her body and swarm her head. As she faces...

Killian became a physical education leader for underclassmen to look to as they enter high school.

Creating a Leader

Tyler Killian reflects on his years of high school and how he has grown.
By Bailey Lim
April 26, 2022

Passing through the years of his high school life, senior Tyler Killian grows and enjoys the process of maturing alongside his peers. Killian progresses...

A Leader in the Making: A glimpse into the Junior Class Representative

A Leader in the Making: A glimpse into the Junior Class Representative

By Ally Jorgensen
October 31, 2019

The room is almost silent. Chatter among the circular tables is soft and discreet. Suddenly, the gavel hits, and the room is still.  “I call this...

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