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Keeping the streak

HHS varsity girls basketball dominates in their game against the Dundee Crown Chargers.
K. Busky
Huntley girls basketball continues to dominate on the court.

Spectators in the audience watch in amazement as the girls on Huntley’s basketball team sprint down the court. Back and forth. Back and forth. They dominate in the first half, finishing with a 30 point lead going into halftime. 

When they return, the team continues to build on their lead, keeping the Chargers’ score in the single digits for the first three quarters. The final buzzer goes off, and the players line up to shake hands. They head off the court, tired, exhilarated, and happy with their victory over Dundee Crown with a score of 56-10.

Huntley girls basketball finishes their season off strong with a conference record of 23-6. Keeping their undefeated away game-winning streak alive, head coach Steven Raethz is pleased with the team’s results and discipline. 

“They really banded together with a lot of nice efforts, and we got a lot of solid contributions from a lot of different players,” coach Raethz said. “This game embodied that with a lot of players stepping up, scoring, and contributing to the win.” 

Players on the team also strongly believe in their capabilities and look forward to the future. 

“Staying more connected and working our offense better will help us going into the postseason,” junior Anna Campanelli said. “I felt really good about today, and everybody played well so it was such a fun game to close out the conference.” 

The team continues to stay focused and look for things to improve on to solidify the team’s strengths. 

“I think that communication went well, and talking on the court is something we can work on going into the postseason,” senior Kylie Lucas said. 

Working as a team is an important principle for them, and remains a great advantage to have as they work their way toward more victories. 

“We’re in a really good spot heading into the postseason,” coach Raethz said. “We just need to continue to keep playing hard and playing hard for 32 minutes. I think we like our chances as we head into regionals next week.”

This hardworking, determined team looks to continue their eight-game win streak as they head into the next stages of the season.

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Kaitlyn Busky
Kaitlyn Busky, Floating Editor
Kaitlyn Busky is a floating editor and this is her first year in The Voice. She was recommended by her brother last year since she likes writing, but loves vintage cars even more than that. She spends a lot of her free time golfing and is on the high school's varsity golf team this year!

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