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The ceremonial torch is carried by community members to begin the Dont Be Fooled 5K.
Don’t be fooled by this
By Riley Eagan April 7, 2024

The runners feel the sun beam down against their skin on a cool Saturday morning as they organize before the start line. Adrenaline courses through each runner who is ready to give it their best, and they are ushered to begin the 3.1 mile run. On Saturday, April 6 at 9 a.m., the “Don’t Be Fooled 5K” took place in downtown Huntley. The participants began on Coral Street, headed north on Church...

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Martina Sapia explores Illinois
New place, new experiences
By Jadyn Sola March 19, 2024

Traveling from Italy to Illinois, foreign exchange student Maria Sapia decided to spend her senior year at Huntley High School. She arrived in Illinois in January, and she plans to go back to Italy in June. “I wanted to try something new, live a new life, and challenge myself a little bit more,” Sapia said.  Upon arrival, her host family was very supportive of her, making sure she was comfortable...

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On April 5, “Fireworks & Rollerblades” was released and made an immediate impact on Boone listeners.
Boone’s new album sets off fireworks in the music industry
By Maggie Armstrong April 9, 2024

Slow it down. Take a moment now. We’re too young to drown deep in dirty waters.  On April 5, singer and songwriter Benson Boone released his newest album, “Fireworks & Rollerblades,” which includes 14 songs and an intro. This album dives into themes of heartbreak, mental health, and relationships.  “Fireworks & Rollerblades” provides listeners with aspects of the youthful,...

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Senior Wyatt Grenda defending the goal against McHenry.
Netting another win
By Kaitlyn Busky April 12, 2024

RAIDERS! Stadium lights flickered on as players leave the sweaty huddle to gather on the field and the second half of the game starts.  The score was 9-2 at the half, and Huntley boys lacrosse only continued to pack on points as the game progressed.  As the scoreboard glared zero seconds, Huntley secured a massive 19-to-4 win over the McHenry Warriors on Thursday, April 11. Boys lacrosse...

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Dylan Mulvaney’s New Song “Days of Girlhood” Sparks Anger Across The Internet.
Love is a lot easier to spread
By Reagan Young April 12, 2024

As you lie on your bed scrolling through TikTok one lazy Saturday afternoon, you come across a warm and familiar face on your For You Page. Greeting you with a kind, gentle smile, the woman tells you in great detail of another day in her gender transition journey, and you listen with rapt attention, as she flashes another bright smile at you. As your eyes glance at the shining profile picture and username...

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J. Capito
Varsity baseball vs. Jacobs, 4.10.24
By Jaeden Capito April 11, 2024

Varsity baseball played against Jacobs High School on Tuesday, April 10. Nine innings later, the Raiders won in a blowout 11-1 against the Golden Eagles.

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Courtesy of Emily Domek
On three! Junior Emily Domek finds her passion in cheerleading

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