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Big Shot, big deal?
Big Shot, big deal?
Brandon Smalley, Staff writer • April 19, 2021

Big shot is the newest show on the block, exclusive to Disney+. This series follows the story of a disavowed basketball coach, Mavryn Korn played...

Netflix fly
Netflix fly's in with a unique superhero film
Brooke Helle April 18, 2021

We have all heard the same superhero story before. There is usually some sort of substance falling to Earth that mutates humans into villains...

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New Lana Del Rey album a semi-masterpiece
Natalie VonderHeide March 22, 2021

From waiting tables to falling in love, Lana Del Rey’s “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” strays away from the alternative singer’s typical...

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Chaos Walking Review
Kate Alvarado March 7, 2021

This past Friday on March 5, the “unreleasable” film “Chaos Walking” was finally featured in theaters. Despite the unknown causes for...

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"WandaVision" comes to a disappointing end
Alex Hartleb March 7, 2021

On March 5 the ninth and final episode of “WandaVision” was released on Disney+. Taking place approximately three weeks after the events...

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New must-watch Netflix movie "Moxie"
Kayla Sweeney March 5, 2021

The movie Moxie was released on March 3. The movie takes place in the present and is about high school students and the relevance of sexism in...

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Madison Beer 'Life Support' Review
Brooke Hamann, Staff writer • February 27, 2021

She chose a crew neck; white to be more specific. Its shade, comparable to that of a white Christmas. Her new and self curtain-cut bangs hang...

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"I Care a Lot" movie shows no mercy
Alyssa Borring February 21, 2021

Movies that make you happy and fill your heart with enjoyment are some of my favorite types of films. Well, I can tell you the movie “I Care...

The Weeknd performs during the Superbowl Halftime Show
The Weeknd performs during the Superbowl Halftime Show
Jacey Sola, Staffer • February 8, 2021

This Saturday, The Weeknd took to the stage to perform for the Pepsi Superbowl 55 halftime performance. Super Bowl halftimes have always acted...

The rising popularity of anime
The rising popularity of anime
Gabrielle Terez, Staff Writer • February 7, 2021

The appealing characters, the intriguing storylines, the variance in genres, the fandom culture; what do these things have in common? The answer...

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"The Little Things" fills audiences with suspicion
Zaina Mohammed February 1, 2021

Writer and director John Lee Hancock’s new movie “The Little Things” has its audience engaged with suspicion and curiosity as to what is...

The 'Driver's License' that sparked chaos in the music industry
Maggie Kirwin, Floating Editor • February 1, 2021

On Jan. 8, 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo released a song about a typical teenage milestone: getting a driving license. Since its release, “Driver’s...

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Headspace: guide to meditation
Ally Panzloff January 19, 2021

January is a time for big changes. Specifically, New Year’s Resolutions. Many people have committed to a healthier diet or to get better grades...

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"Outside the Wire" elevates military movies
Riyana Walker January 16, 2021

Like most military movies “Outside the Wire” has war, meaning, failure, and success. What makes this film so different is the characters...

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Netflix's new docu-series "Night Stalker" draws viewers in
Melina Wsol January 14, 2021

Los Angeles, 1985: a time where Madonna, Wham!, and Duran Duran were the talk of the town. However, this would all change in March of 1985, after...

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