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Headspace: guide to meditation
Ally Panzloff January 19, 2021

January is a time for big changes. Specifically, New Year’s Resolutions. Many people have committed to a healthier diet or to get better grades...

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"Outside the Wire" elevates military movies
Riyana Walker January 16, 2021

Like most military movies “Outside the Wire” has war, meaning, failure, and success. What makes this film so different is the characters...

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Netflix's new docu-series "Night Stalker" draws viewers in
Melina Wsol January 14, 2021

Los Angeles, 1985: a time where Madonna, Wham!, and Duran Duran were the talk of the town. However, this would all change in March of 1985, after...

What to watch next: “No Country For Old Men”
What to watch next: “No Country For Old Men”
Alex Hartleb January 12, 2021

Since the day I first watched Joel and Ethan Coen’s “No Country For Old Men," it has been one of my favorite movies. The 2007 movie has so...

The Christmas spirit
The Christmas spirit
Riley Friberg January 5, 2021

Rain falls and slowly freezes, layering the greens of the Earth with a soft white blanket that the holiday lights twinkle from. The faint scent...

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Why Don't We keeps the surprises coming
Amelia Pozniak, Editor In Chief • December 18, 2020

Times like this call for new music. Although the band name Why Don’t We is a popular title amongst teenage audiences, former fans anticipate...

GOTY awards: winners, losers, and in between
GOTY awards: winners, losers, and in between
Brandon Smalley December 16, 2020

The Game of The Year awards 2020, an event where some of the most memorable video game releases of 2020 are judged by a mix of judges and players...

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"Safety" movie review: based on a true story
Alyssa Borring December 13, 2020

A story of sacrifice makes the most heartfelt films. In the Disney+ movie ¨Safety,” released on Dec. 11, it takes you behind the scenes of...

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Prom movie review
Sophia Coronado December 13, 2020

Director Ryan Murphy’s The Prom entails a dazzling and somewhat cheesy musical comedy about how a group of self-adoring actors find themselves...

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Get to know the music artist
Jacey Sola December 10, 2020

Bruno Mars is an American singer and songwriter. Mars’s music is under the genres of contemporary rock/pop, pop, and contemporary R&B....

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Trendy Christmas gifts
Gretchen Sweeney December 10, 2020

A few weeks before Christmas, snuggled up on the couch with a cup of warm hot cocoa, it strikes. No list was made of items that were particularly...

Shawn Mendes ‘Wonder’ Review
Shawn Mendes ‘Wonder’ Review
Brooke Hamann December 5, 2020

Perfectly toned skin glistening under the spotlight. His smile, blinding from the rays of heaven. The brown-haired swoosh, growing immensely...

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Princess Switch: Switched Again Movie Review
Emma Meier November 29, 2020

This movie is a perfect holiday watch for the whole family, and to make it even better, the lead role is Vanessa Hudgens. The movie was directed...

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Drama television series "The Crown" excites viewers
Melina Wsol November 22, 2020

As Hans Zimmer’s opening title plays, the year-long wait is over. Season four has arrived. When the critically acclaimed drama television series...

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Asylum horror movie shocks and scares
Riyana Walker November 19, 2020

The "Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales" film is filled with constant seat-clenching fear. There is no telling what is to come next. Film...