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Captain America: Civil War provides many twists and turns (Courtesy of /

#TeamIronMan down but not out

By Courtney Thomas
May 6, 2016

et me tell you, Marvel's thirteenth installment of the Avenger's series, "Captain America: Civil War," was a roller coaster. Not only were there quite...

courtesy of

#TeamCap for the win

By Madeline Moffett
May 6, 2016

f you were the Marvel fan going back and forth between Iron Man and Captain America, I have your answer: Captain America all the way. Besides being...

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) star in Marvels Captain America (MCT Campus).

Captain America strikes another success for mankind

By Megan Wilson
April 5, 2014
"Captain America" takes theaters by storm with this new rendition of the Marvel comic in movie form. Starring Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Furry, the twists and turns of this movie keeps you at the edge of your seat with intense action scenes while still being able to relax with some interesting placed comic relief.
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