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The Voice

The Voice

A. Cobb

Varsity Girls Basketball, 11.16.2022

By Alexis Cobb
November 21, 2022

The Huntley Girls Varsity Basketball team hosted Boylan on Wednesday for their season home-opener. The girls fought hard in the first half and pulled away...

A fellow vendor at the craft fair enjoying their time and happy to be at the event.

The first sign of Christmas is upon us

HHS hosts the annual Leggee Holiday Craft Fair
By Emmy Byers
November 20, 2022

Saturday is the first day of Thanksgiving break, but this isn’t any ordinary day at Huntley High School. All of the boys basketball teams practice in...

K. Walsh

Varsity Boys Bowling, 11/16/2022

By Katie Walsh
November 19, 2022

  Huntley Boys Varsity Bowling takes on Geneva at Bowl-Hi lanes on Nov. 16.  

Tier One: Music Review

Tier One: Music Review

Join Matt as he reviews the song "Baby Doll" by Dominic Fike.
By Matt O
November 18, 2022

G. Watt

Honoring Our Vets Collection Event, 11/13/2022

By Grace Watt
November 18, 2022

On November 13, Huntley hosted an Honoring Our Vets Collection event which included a speech to remember all our veterans and honor them for all they have...

G. Watt

Huntley Farmer’s Market, 11/12/2022

By Grace Watt
November 18, 2022

On November 11, Huntley Town Square hosted a farmer’s market with a variety of different foods and accessories. It included stands from Tastefully Simple,...

Pahl measures the temperature of the soil in his ecocolumn during his AP Environmental Science class.

In his element

Junior Billy Pahl makes the decision to jumpstart his future by graduating one year early
By Abby Panier
November 17, 2022

Thump.  The plastic crackles as junior William “Billy” Pahl carefully situates his group’s ecocolumn on the lab table. Eyeing the green shoots...

Bathroom stall door being held closed shut with a foot propped up while ignoring the cracks between the door.

The bathroom locks are not working: Is it a serious issue?

Lack of bathroom stall doors locking is causing students to become uncomfortable.
By Sienna Robertson
November 16, 2022

Imagine a passing period between classes with busy hallways, and students scrunched into a line to await to use the bathroom. When you finally get to the...

Huntley High School before the day starts.

Restrictions on the West Wing: Are they Necessary?

Since Covid-19 regulations have started, there have been limitations throughout the school.
By Nicolette Radzinski
November 11, 2022

Within Huntley High School there are places where students can not go and places where students have designated seating areas. The commons and library...

Workout Time with Grace

Workout Time with Grace

Learn how to get fit with Grace!
By Grace LaLiberty
November 11, 2022