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No Home Like the Bo Dome: Episode 3

No Home Like the Bo Dome: Episode 3

Join floating editor Taryn Rainey as she talks through mental toughness in softball and one of the latest member times at the dome.
By Taryn Rainey
February 9, 2024

Business coming together at the Mental Health fair for one goal!

Breaking the stigma

On Jan. 31, many people come to embrace mental wellness at Huntley’s Mental Health fair.
By Emma Christenson
February 4, 2024

One in five teens have suffered from mental health disorders. Mental health affects your athletic abilities, academic performance, social well-being, and...

Leave it on the dance floor

Leave it on the dance floor

Join Sydney Derbas as she talks about the positive mental and physical effects of dance.
By Sydney Derbas
January 21, 2024

Dance is beneficial because it is a way for people to stay fit if they do not want to go to the gym. It is good for any age, shape, or size because there...

One of the stands set up waiting to welcome guests to explain how their agency supports mental health.

Mental health fair resource fair

A new fair at Huntley High School has occurred to encourage people to make mental health a priority in their lives.
By Grace LaLiberty
January 26, 2023

On Tuesday Jan. 24, a new fair called the Mental Health Resources Fair was held.  The goal of this fair is to encourage all people at Huntley High School...

R. Habel

Mental Health Fair, 1.24.23

By Rae Habel
January 25, 2023

The Mental Health Fair was an adorable event that took place in the passive commons. You could come and go as you please and visit any organization set...

Pluto Cam: Episode 2

Pluto Cam: Episode 2

Join Ly, and her friend Len , about the benefits and dangers of romanticizing your life.
By Ly Martil
November 11, 2022

Students’ Plates Are Too Full

Students’ Plates Are Too Full

Should students reevaluate their workload and prioritize their mental health?
By Nikki Darnall
February 7, 2022

Breanna Westberg, a senior at HHS who works 27 hours a week, gets home from her late shift, and collapses on her bed. She opens her eyes and realizes that...

Students and counselors alike have struggled to adjust this year, leading many to have mental health concerns.

Is HHS supportive or slacking on students’ mental health?

Students and staff still struggle to come back after remote learning
By Mackx Mize
November 18, 2021

Walking into the commons at Huntley High School, a visitor would observe the day to day norm for high school students. Along the wall, leading into the...

A. Cobb

Therapy Pups Bring Joy to Huntley’s Students, 11.12.21

By Alexis Cobb
November 14, 2021

Huntley High School's therapy dogs, Jette and Juno, come to visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Located in the P-Z Pod, these helpful pups have made quick...

Student Services pods and College and Careers offices offer many resources. (O. Archer)

Students should make use of counselor resources

By Olivia Archer
October 3, 2021

As students return back to school, they are faced with challenges that are not limited to school schedules and mental health. Many counselors are flooded...

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