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Leave it on the dance floor

Join Sydney Derbas as she talks about the positive mental and physical effects of dance.

Dance is beneficial because it is a way for people to stay fit if they do not want to go to the gym. It is good for any age, shape, or size because there are many different styles that people can try. Dance has many benefits for physical and mental health including improving your heart and lungs, increasing muscular strength, endurance, and building self-confidence. Constantly moving can connect the mind and body which is why dance is so beneficial. 

Dance promotes physical health and wellness of the body. The mind-body connection improves when dancing because you have to learn the steps and then execute them to the best of your ability. Research shows that dancers build cognitive connections in their brains because they learn to execute steps that come with mental demands. Dance can activate multiple regions of the brain at once because of physical coordination, emotion, and problem-solving. 

Dance is a place for self-expression that is not only for the dancer but also for the audience. Watching someone exude their emotions can help others want to do the same. Some studies have shown that when an audience member watches a dance, they are more likely to feel what they think the dancer is feeling at that moment. So while dance is beneficial for the dancer, it can also be beneficial for the audience members. 

Dance is very culture-inclusive as there are many different styles of dance. Many people will just start moving their bodies when they hear music no matter what race, religion, or language. Dance gives everybody a platform to move their bodies in which they see fit for the music that is playing. While the different genres are not always studied at studios, dance is a fun thing you can do with your friends. 

People come together while dancing. They are able to form groups and create a positive and uplifting environment for themselves. Dancers who feel adventurous might try to mimic others’ movements around them because dance is a type of entertainment that brings people together. Many strangers who join dance for fun make many friends with others because they share the same hobby. 

At the end of the day, dance can be a very relaxing thing for some people. Movement like dance can relieve stress or anxiety and take people away from their real lives for a while. People’s minds relax and they let their bodies follow what they want to do. It is a great thing for your mental health because you get to take a break, unwind, and have some fun!

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Sydney Derbas
Sydney Derbas, Staff Writer
Sydney Derbas is a senior and she is a first-year staff writer for The Voice. She has been dancing for 15 years and she is a part of the Huntley Orchesis Dance Company. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, go shopping, and spend time with family.

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