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Putting another year in the books

Editor in chief Ava Burns paves the way to excellence in yearbook making.
E. Galicki
Ava Burns assists staff members with laying out sections of the Harmony yearbook.

As the school year wraps up, teachers and students eagerly await for the summer. Unfortunately for seniors, graduation closes up an important chapter in their lives; the time for school dances, hanging out with friends, and classroom shenanigans come to an end. 

The Harmony Yearbook encapsulates high school memories, which gives students a permanent record of their cherished four years they spend at Huntley High School. As the 2023-24 editor in chief, senior Ava Burns becomes the overseer of the magic that is being captured throughout the school year.

“Ava Burns is a magical human,” said Lauren Teeter, class adviser for the Harmony yearbook. “I don’t know how she does everything with such poise.”

At the start of each day, Burns directs all the attention to the front of the room, capturing the attention of all her staff. Burns walks through all the deadlines and assignments for each group of staff members and makes sure that everyone gets help if they need it, especially if it is their first year on staff.

“It’s a really amazing experience for me,” Burns said. “It’s something to let me showcase my leadership skills. I get to connect with multiple grade levels of kids and really help them with their writing capabilities and with different aspects of what we do in the yearbook.”

Yearbook Production is a year long class that covers sports, clubs, and most importantly, staff and students. Creating a yearbook takes a lot of cooperation from photographers, writers, designers, and of course, an editor in chief. A student can apply to be an editor or the editor in chief at the end of the previous school year. Once they fill out the application, students who signed up attend in-person interviews to determine if they will get the role.

“Ava has been involved with the yearbook for all 4 years, ranging from being a staffer and writer to previous editor positions,” Teeter said. “It was an easy choice.”

By becoming editor in chief, Burns inspires staff members to become confident in themselves and brings the class together as a family. Harmony Yearbook has classroom parties and social get-togethers to lift the morale of the staff. Burns has also attended conventions that helped her become a better editor in chief and it also led her to become closer with fellow staff members.

“There are a lot of favorite moments with Ava,” design editor Alyssa McQueen said. “Especially the Boston trip just because I got to know her more and learned how sweet and caring she is.”

Burns has become the face of the Harmony Yearbook, and her success as a member leads to her friends, family, and teachers wondering how she does it all.

“She literally does everything so I don’t know how she survives,” Teeter said. “She is an inspiration to me, I’m honored and privileged to work alongside her.”

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Emily Galicki
Emily Galicki, Staff Writer
Emily Galicki is a first year staff writer. In her free time she paints, reads poetry, and runs track for Huntley High School. She loves anything associated with Harry Potter and Northern Illinois University.

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