Best Dressed: Lauren Teeter


By Ashley Reilly

As she walks through the terminal, all eyes turned to her. Her black booties, layers, and effortless curls draw the attention of each individual she walks past. She’s an English teacher and the yearbook and TV production advisor at Huntley High School, she’s a fashion icon, she’s Lauren Teeter. 

On Thursday, Nov. 21 Teeter, along with 22 HHS students and Dennis Brown, headed to Washington DC to attend the JEA conference. She had the room of a small carry on bag and a single personal bag to fit all of her clothes for the next three days. Despite the limited space, Teeter was able to construct an adorable outfit, more impressively on her last day in DC, Sunday, Nov. 24 . 

“It was just what I had packed. Limited resources.” Teeter said. “I Emma Kubelka. She layers a lot, she wears a jean jacket a lot, she’s so cute.” 

Teeter incorporated both of these into her relaxed airport look. She paired a cute patterned vest with a popping blue sweater, and the jean jacket she threw on top pulled the outfit all together. Not to mention the cozy scarf which added a whole new element of comfort. 

Along with the cute clothes, Teeter wore some simple jewelry including two finger rings, earrings, a nose ring, and a simple bracelet. Not only were all of these accessories super cute, but many of them hold meaning close to teeters heart. 

“Ms. Gilligan also inspires me, she got me this bracelet. It’s supposed to be reflecting on your life each bead,” Teeter said. “ This sweater actually was my moms. My rings, this I bought in London when I studied abroad and this is from denver.”

Teeter also got her adorable scarf as a gift from a former student. 

Let’s take a look at where each item of clothing comes from!

  • Sweater- Teeter’s mom
  • Glasses –
  • Scarf – American Eagle
  • Rings – Mountain ring from Denver, ring with cursive from London
  • Shoes – Unknown
  • Pants – Express
  • Jean Jacket – Target
  • Vest – Target 
  • Pin – Air and Space Museum 
  • Earrings – Kohls or Charming Charlies (Teeter in unsure) 
  • Nose Ring – Wolfbait & B-girls

Teeter kept comfort in mind when picking this classic airport outfit, but also was super stylish. As the weather cools down, the layers come out and Teeter definitely used them to her advantage. Keep rocking the cute, comfy, chic style that is you.