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Khan Academy’s digital platform and course for studying for the Digital SAT.

Incentivizing the future

Huntley introduces the incentive program for SAT studying in order to push students to raise their scores on the PSAT and SAT.
By Taryn Rainey
April 29, 2024

The SAT marks the start of the third quarter of school, and one of the most stressful parts of a junior’s year between AP and honors classes, sports,...

Students in the HUB are actively working on assignments and homework for various classes.

A study place, not a skip haven

Huntley’s library has cracked down on new rules to help the study environment for students.
By Katelyn Engling
April 22, 2024

It was an average Monday during fourth hour. As I walked towards the HUB, I was quickly stopped by a long line stretching the majority of one of the main...

Dylan Mulvaney’s New Song “Days of Girlhood” Sparks Anger Across The Internet.

Love is a lot easier to spread

Dylan Mulvaney makes history as a transgender influencer on TikTok.
By Reagan Young
April 12, 2024

As you lie on your bed scrolling through TikTok one lazy Saturday afternoon, you come across a warm and familiar face on your For You Page. Greeting you...

Taylor Swifts fame causes environmental issues.

Swiftly Polluted

Taylor Swift’s shocking carbon footprint raises many young fans' eyebrows.
By Reagan Young
February 27, 2024

As the light-up wristbands of the adoring fans of Taylor Swift illuminate the stadium in an array of colors, the second wealthiest self-made woman in music...

Huntleys student parking lot is daily being infested with litter.

A five-second detour won’t make you late to class

We aren't only disrespecting the student parking lots when littering, but also people's personal property.
By Katelyn Engling
February 15, 2024

As the snow melts with spring right around the corner, more and more heaps of trash are uncovered.  Along with the school year progressing, students...

2024 the plot?

2024 the plot?

A big discussion ensues on the importance of new year's resolutions.
By Samantha Webb
January 21, 2024

“3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!”  Champagne glasses rise to the air, people in crowded city streets cheer, and couples embrace. 2024 has officially...

The shelf of the variety of Stanley cups in a Dicks Sporting Goods.

This cup has nothing to do with hockey

New Stanley cups are taking over Huntley High School.
By Sydney Wilson
December 14, 2023

You are walking down the halls during a passing period with kids who are also trying to get to their next class on time. But you notice something, a lot...

Christmas music plays on the car radio in preparation for the holiday season.

‘Tis the season

Playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a fantastic way to embrace the holiday spirit.
By Alexis Davis
December 1, 2023

On the last day of October, children were out trick-or-treating in various costumes, celebrating Halloween. Right when November hit, people began blasting...

Trash is left at the lunch tables.

This is not your house and the staff is not your mother!

Students continue to treat the lunchroom with disrespect and leave their garbage
By Samantha Webb
November 8, 2023

Chatter reverberates off of the walls in the commons. Students laugh and gossip while taking bites of their lunches. However, as the last few minutes of...

Student sits, contemplating his courses.

Course selection is nothing to fear

Course selection is set early in the year and students are unsure if it is overwhelming or helpful
By Jack Lansu
November 6, 2023

Course selection is one of the most important parts of every school year. The courses chosen have to coincide with goals outside of high school and provide...

The BlueBook application’s home screen where students can find practice tests or activities

SAT in front of a screen

The SAT is moving online along with more changes that will either be helpful or hurtful.
By Taryn Rainey
October 20, 2023

It is Thursday Oct. 12, and the Junior Class is squished into the upper circle and east wing to take the PSAT. But this year, something is different; everyone...

Mingas rewards program awarding points to students.

Minga is here to stay

Huntley High School is incorporating new programs within Minga.
By Kaitlyn Busky
October 16, 2023

Introduced to Huntley High School’s community in 2023, Minga has been successful in electronically organizing student and school information. Ranging...

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