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The BlueBook application’s home screen where students can find practice tests or activities

SAT in front of a screen

The SAT is moving online along with more changes that will either be helpful or hurtful.
By Taryn Rainey
October 20, 2023

It is Thursday Oct. 12, and the Junior Class is squished into the upper circle and east wing to take the PSAT. But this year, something is different; everyone...

HHS Reacts... Episode 4

HHS Reacts… Episode 4

Peyton Taylor talks about the SAT and asks people how they feel about it
By Peyton Taylor
April 20, 2023

Creek or Crack: Episode 7

Creek or Crack: Episode 7

Join Sophie and Karolina as they try surprise drinks and talk all things Prom, SATs, and spring break!
By Karolina Perkowski and Sophie Thompson
April 4, 2023

Juniors take the College Board SAT to begin their college journey.

HHS holds SAT testing on April 13

Juniors take the SAT, open new opportunities beyond high school
By Olivia Archer
April 14, 2022

The role of many high school students is to start their education, figure out their life goals, and plan out their future. However, the journey toward...

Should the SAT be digital?

Should the SAT be digital?

Would changing the SAT to a digital platform be helpful and improve students’ scores?
By Zoe Hurmi
March 9, 2022

The SAT is becoming digital, whether it's for the better or for the worst. The SAT, as of the 2024 testing season, will be taken completely digitally throughout...

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How are juniors preparing for the SAT this year?

By Grace Helzer
April 14, 2021

Since the 8th grade, students have been reminded of the importance of the dreaded SAT test. You know, the one test that differentiates you from other students...

Senior advice for SAT

Senior advice for SAT

By Melina Wsol
March 10, 2021

Without a doubt, most people will agree that this school year has been challenging enough. With trying to navigate zoom, troubleshooting with technology,...

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Upcoming Raider Way lesson informs students of SAT goals, standards

By Taylor Koop
February 4, 2020

Everyone knows to get into college, they must take the SAT or ACT but their standards are never fully explained- until now. Huntley High School is creating...

ACT to SAT, Board of Education discusses using the SAT

ACT to SAT, Board of Education discusses using the SAT

By Sumbul Shakeel
January 24, 2016

fter over an hour in closed session, the board of education members stepped out, ready to tackled the tasks of the evening. First order of business,...

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