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Creek or Crack: Episode 7

Creek or Crack: Episode 7

Join Sophie and Karolina as they try surprise drinks and talk all things Prom, SATs, and spring break!
By Karolina Perkowski and Sophie Thompson
April 4, 2023

Courtesy of Laura Devlin

Teacher talk with Laura Devlin

By Kayla Sweeney
March 9, 2021

Laura Devlin is an English teacher here at Huntley High School. She mostly teaches English IV Responsibility and Engagement, and English IV Alienation...

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Netflix blog: What to watch over Spring Break

By Sarah Henderson
February 27, 2015
Spring break is approaching, (March 25 to 29) and for some people this means a glamorous and much-needed vacation to somewhere warm and distant. However, not everyone is so fortunate to get away and, like me, they are stuck at home wondering what they could do to pass the time. If they are even more like me they’ll immediately start binge-watching an entire show on Netflix. As a frequent binge-watcher, I have assembled a list of my top five shows to obsess over during spring break and they are the following:
Tryouts for next years future cheerleading team were held this past week. Motivation and team loyalty serve as big factors for the six coaches and IHSA judges during tryouts (M. Krebs).

Cheerleading and poms tryouts held, in search of the perfect team

By Sophie Murk
March 27, 2012

Throughout the week, beginning March 19, hopeful and talented girls entered into either the gym or the cafeteria every day, their stomachs filled with...

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