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A. Cobb

Girls Varsity Volleyball Regionals

By Alexis Cobb
November 28, 2022

After an emotional two sets, the HHS Girls Varsity Volleyball team pulled away with the win and the regional championship.

Students and staff carefully drive on the roads in order to make it to school.

Snow More Tardies

Late Starts are implemented when weather conditions increase traffic.
By Brittney Burak
February 8, 2022

On winter mornings students do not just wake up to their alarms. They wake up to a muddy and gray unplowed layer of snow on the road and the thought of...

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Huntley High School’s new coffee shop

By Sophia Coronado
May 24, 2021

During a typical school year, juniors and seniors regularly leave the building during lunch for coffee and snacks. However, freshmen and sophomores are...

The life of a young hockey player

The life of a young hockey player

By Nikki Darnall, Managing editor
February 9, 2021

As his team enters the rink, the cold air rushes past their bodies. They slide around the ice with perfect grace and control. They practice taking shots...

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D158 Board of Education Enacts Off-Site Schooling

By Nicholas Fleege
October 25, 2016

On Thursday, October 20 District 158’s Board of Education conducted a regularly scheduled meeting. The meeting was headed by president Donald Drzal. A...

COW Meeting: Alternative high school may be an option for selective students

COW Meeting: Alternative high school may be an option for selective students

By Devin Martin
November 9, 2015

n alternative high school was brought up to the board of education four to five years ago. However, with financial reasons, the BOE was never able to act...

Burnt Toast offers the California BLT  that will make you wanting more (Courtesy of

Restaurant Review: Burnt Toast offers an enjoyable experience to all

By Mawa Iqbal
April 21, 2015

t was the end of our days of relaxation and freedom, so my dad decided to take me and my brother out to Sunday brunch at Burnt Toast. Our highly-anticipated...

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