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Students enter the Parisian style Homecoming dance

HHS hosts annual Homecoming dance

By Natalie Trzeciak
October 6, 2016

he hallway was dressed up in delicate gold and yellow decorations that replicated famous monuments. The loud thumping of the bass was evident as a sea...

With the Iowa Caucus coming soon, presidential candidates fight for every last vote (Courtesy of

Political Blog: Iowa Caucus draws near

By Devin Martin
January 24, 2016

t's the time every four years when each and every presidential candidate's campaign is on the line. But for what? The answer is the infamous Iowa Caucus. But...

President Barack Obama shakes hands with voters in a local area (Courtesy of

Political Blog: Will America continue to be a progressive nation?

By Devin Martin
November 5, 2015

t all started in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. There was change in the air as Obama became the first African-American...

Hillary Clinton plans to fight for all in her Campaign as she now leads the General Election over Bernie Sanders (Courtesy of

Political Blog: Hillary Clinton Leads General Election, But For How Much Longer?

By Devin Martin
September 30, 2015
As of today, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic Party's front-runner and General Election leader.
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