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Boys tennis team takes first loss of the season against rival Golden Eagles

Boys tennis team takes first loss of the season against rival Golden Eagles

April 25, 2017

On Tuesday, Huntley's varsity tennis team took a hard-fought loss from Jacobs, 2-5. The Red Raiders had started the season undefeated with five straight...

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“Rings” surpasses its low expectations

February 5, 2017

ings” is the newest sequel in what is now “The Ring” trilogy. When the American version of “The Ring” first came out, back in 2002, many claimed...

Why the NFL isnt dying

Why the NFL isn’t dying

January 26, 2017

2016 was one of the NFL's worst years for viewership. Ratings crashed, with prime-time games all dropping at least 18 percent viewership compared to...

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Parafleegics Episode 6

January 24, 2017

  Podcast written and produced by Nick Fleege and Lucas Modzelewski.

Building a future in computer science

Building a future in computer science

December 20, 2016

More than 28 hours, over $2,100, and a fair amount of learning and tinkering. It’s a lot for a high school student, but senior Chester Bischoffer does...

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Parafleegics Episode 3

November 28, 2016

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Cow meeting discusses changes to report cards

October 17, 2016

A brand new design for students' report cards was unveiled at the latest District 158 Committee of the Whole Meeting on Oct. 13. The latest reinvention...

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Coloring Book Review

May 24, 2016

hance the Rapper’s highly-anticipated new mixtape, “Coloring Book,” is the best hip-hop album of 2016. With songs that transcend genres, Chance’s...

Drakes new album Views is now available (Courtesy of

‘Views’ connects listeners to isolation

May 2, 2016

ast Friday, Canadian-born rapper Drake released his highly-anticipated new album and the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed 2013 album, “Nothing Was...

The Huntsman: Winters War proves to be a flop (Courtesy of

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ is a mediocre sequel to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

April 25, 2016

he new movie, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” is the sequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman,” 2012’s mediocre gritty remake of the classic "Snow...

Zootopia provides viewers with an amazing plot that connects to real world issues (Courtesy of

‘Zootopia’ relates to real world issues

March 13, 2016

“Zootopia” is the newest film released by Disney Animation, who are mostly known for their recent hits “Big Hero 6” and “Frozen.” Much like...

Tiga poses for his new album No Fantasy Required (Courtesy of

“No Fantasy Required” remains a throwaway album

March 7, 2016

he Canadian-born DJ Tiga just came out with a new album this past Thursday, entitled “No Fantasy Required.” Prior to creating this record, Tiga had...

The blue and orange expanse on the top of the hill at Alpine Valley (L. Modzelewski)

Snow Raiders celebrate senior night

February 15, 2016

unior Tyler Martin stands at the top of a hill at Alpine Valley. Before he slides his way down, he takes in the incredible view of the trees and the sky,...

Universal Studios helps produce Hail, Caesar! (Courtesy of

‘Hail, Caesar!’ prospers with great actors

February 15, 2016

hile everyone is flocking to see "Deadpool" and "How to Be Single" this Valentine's Day weekend, many are forgetting about a solid movie that came out...

Various cheer teams fill up the East Gym for Huntleys Sweetheart Invitational.

Huntley JV places second at Sweetheart Competition

January 25, 2016

weat beads down the faces of the cheerleaders from schools all across Illinois. They listen to the custom cheerleading tunes that play over the speakers...

Inception still makes for an unforgettable journey by movie lovers (Courtesy of

“Inception” still gives viewers and unforgettable experience

January 21, 2016

ecently, the new film "The Revenant" has been raking in some real money and getting some major Oscar buzz. Two of the movie's biggest stars were nominated...

In the Heart of the Sea captures attention by audiences, however, not in the box-office (Courtesy of

“In the Heart of the Sea” captures audience appeal

December 14, 2015

n 1851, "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville was published. Ever since then, it has been acknowledged as one of the best books to ever be released and an all-time...

Huntley reacts to a rough frame.

Huntley’s loss of key bowlers costs win

December 10, 2015

huds of bowling balls hitting the slick and shiny wood lanes echoed. Bowling pins rattled and hit the ground while sounds of shoes squeaking engulfed...

Huntley Places First at Math Team Invite

Huntley Places First at Math Team Invite

November 9, 2015

n a Saturday afternoon Nov. 7, four math teams from four different schools gathered together at one school. Huntley High School. It was the first time...

The Iron Giant includes many well known actors to make the film a masterpiece (Courtesy of

‘The Iron Giant’ includes an all star cast for success

November 9, 2015

n 1999, the film 'The Iron Giant' was released in theaters. It was an animated movie based on the 1968 novel 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. It takes place in...

Charlotte Le Bon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Walk (Courtesy of

‘The Walk’ provides an emotional journey for viewers

October 12, 2015

ne movie just hit theaters all across America and will not disappoint viewers. 'The Walk,' is a story about Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist who dreams...

Huntley Narrowly Wins Homecoming

Huntley Narrowly Wins Homecoming

October 3, 2015

t was a chilly October night as an air of excitement filled the stands. Huntley got ready to begin the kickoff as Raider Nation prepared to watch what...

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