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R. Habel

Huntley Library Spy School, 2.27.2023

By Rae Habel
March 1, 2023

Huntley Library holds a small event for kids ages 10 and up. This month, they learned about fingerprinting and how to print their own! The kids were able...

A. Panier

Sun City pen pals connect through pen and paper

By Abby Panier
May 13, 2021

With direct messaging and emails immediately sending online, physical mail has dwindled to the occasional holiday card and dreaded bills. Who needs letters...

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Cow meeting discusses changes to report cards

By Lucas Modzelewski
October 17, 2016

A brand new design for students' report cards was unveiled at the latest District 158 Committee of the Whole Meeting on Oct. 13. The latest reinvention...

View of the lit-up Ferris Wheel, The Zipper, and various other rides at the Fall Fest (P. Moore)

Huntley Fall Fest extravaganza

By Peyton Moore
October 11, 2016

n September 23, the Huntley Fall Fest Committee hosted their 11th annual Fall Fest at Deicke Park. The festival has grown from a one day event to a multiple...

Huntley prepares teens for college with seminar

Huntley prepares teens for college with seminar

By Sarah Biernat
September 13, 2016

n Monday, Sept. 12, a small handful of parents and students gathered in the Huntley Library┬┤s program room to discuss life after high school. The Illinois...

Bret Nicholaus (right) and Joseph Durepos (left) at the Huntley Library for their presentation.

7 Essentials to Writing Perfect Query Letter at Huntley Library

By Sumbul Shakeel
September 28, 2015

n September 26, best-selling author Bret Nicholaus and acquisitions editor Joseph Durepos spent their Saturday morning presenting the 7 keys to writing...

Welcome to Huntley Community School District 158

Welcome to Huntley Community School District 158

By Cullen Walsh
May 8, 2015
As the sun sets over the horizon, the temperature in the town of Algonquin slowly cools- evidence that the day is nearing its end. But for the members of the District 158 Board of Education the night is just getting started.
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