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Cow meeting discusses changes to report cards
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A brand new design for students’ report cards was unveiled at the latest District 158 Committee of the Whole Meeting on Oct. 13.

The latest reinvention of the report card now integrates a student’s attendance record, participation in both in school and out of school activities, and even the students’ own personal expectations and interests.

The new report card will also be adding comparative data, which looks at how the student performed in class when compared to other students in the same grade and school, as well as all other students in the entire district. However, these additions will only be made when possible.

Because there is so much added to the report card and how it gives parents a much better understanding of how their child is performing at school, the new prototype has been dubbed “Huntley 360.”

The new additions are not only for parents and students, but for other future educators as well. Colleges can look at the new H360 report cards and see a lot more than they ever could before. These new report cards can truly show exactly how involved a student is at not only the high school, but the community as well, with details about volunteer hours being shown to boot.

The H360 report cards are also one of the first changes in how the report cards have looked in a very long time, with the previous style resembling a Huntley report card from as far back as 1915.

“Aside from aesthetics, the card hadn’t changed that much in the past 100 years,” Superintendent John Burkey said.

Burley hopes that taking such a large leap forward in quality and appearance will surely help parents, colleges, and future employers alike, as this new change stands to do nothing but help the District 158 school system.

The new H360 report cards will be tested with students in the third and sixth grades later this fall.

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