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R. Habel

Huntley Library Spy School, 2.27.2023

By Rae Habel
March 1, 2023

Huntley Library holds a small event for kids ages 10 and up. This month, they learned about fingerprinting and how to print their own! The kids were able...

Daniel Craig plays James Bond in the final film of the franchise. (CC-BY-2.0)

James Bond: the British spy’s final mission

By Lael Malibiran
October 9, 2021

Along the beautiful coast of Jamaica, James Bond lives in retirement with no worries in his mind. Nothing could get better than living in a luxurious home...

Let your emotions take over with Inside Out, in theaters June 18 (Courtesy of

Five Best Movie Trailers for June

By Devin Martin
May 22, 2015
Check out the newest movie trailers for upcoming movies in June!
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