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Lael Malibiran

Lael Malibiran, Staff Writer

Lael Malibiran is a senior staff writer of The Voice and it is her first year on staff. In her free time she loves to film covers and hangout with her friends. She loves to listen to r&b music and has a fond admiration for Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and NIKI.

Myers-Briggs personality test: ISFJ-T

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This RAD event included some LatinX dancers to celebrate their heritage.

The beginning of Recognizing American Diversity

Group of teachers join together to recognize American diversity within our school by starting RAD committee.
By Lael Malibiran
March 21, 2022

As minority groups grow up in an environment where diversity is not as common as other areas, it can be quite difficult to recognize their roots. They...

Senior, Cara Haugh, and her mother during “Senior Night.”

Cara Haugh’s lasting memories with dance

Senior, Cara Haugh shares about her memorable moments within her prior years of being a dance athlete
By Lael Malibiran
January 26, 2022

As little children, we often had hobbies that would only interest us for only a little amount of time, but as 2-year-old Cara Haugh first stepped her little...

The iconic Ghostbusters logo used for many movies in the fandom was seen in the new movie.

Ghostbusters are back

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” brings the series to life for a new generation
By Lael Malibiran
November 20, 2021

Day by day, there was always a ghost to catch for the Ghostbusters. It was their job, their daily routine. Wake up, catch ghosts, stroll around, and go...

Daniel Craig plays James Bond in the final film of the franchise. (CC-BY-2.0)

James Bond: the British spy’s final mission

By Lael Malibiran
October 9, 2021

Along the beautiful coast of Jamaica, James Bond lives in retirement with no worries in his mind. Nothing could get better than living in a luxurious home...

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