The beginning of Recognizing American Diversity

Group of teachers join together to recognize American diversity within our school by starting RAD committee.


Courtesy of District 158 Website

This RAD event included some LatinX dancers to celebrate their heritage.

By Lael Malibiran

As minority groups grow up in an environment where diversity is not as common as other areas, it can be quite difficult to recognize their roots. They walk into a predominantly white-populated school where their culture does not seem to be as acknowledged as they hoped. But, little did they know that for years, Huntley High School teachers have been planning on creating an environment for their students where their voices can be heard. 

After years of planning, Recognizing American Diversity was finally created and first introduced during the 2021-2022 school year. 

American history goes on recognizing significant cultural groups within the months dedicated to them, like Black History Month in February, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, and many more. So, Huntley High School decided to partake in the idea of recognizing diversity through the creation of RAD. 

“RAD is a longtime coming project…We have been trying to talk about, promote, and celebrate diversity in Huntley for a long time” Shannon Phillips, the event planner for RAD, said. 

Giving recognition to the many diverse groups in our community is a wonderful beginning to touch the hearts of those who represent their own culture within our school. With the many beautiful cultures that can be shared within our community, it would be unfair to brush them under a rug to be unheard of.

RAD gives remembrance to different cultural groups by creating events revolving around a specific community. Back in September, the committee hosted a LatinX Heritage and Culture event. They also hosted an event during Black History Month that featured the Jesse White Tumblers, a student panel, and many more. 

RAD has hosted many other events to give recognition to our school’s diversity and plans on hosting many more in the near future. 

“In the future, we also hope to get students involved so it can actually become a club,” Lauren Teeter, a community liaison for RAD, said.

Being able to appreciate and recognize our community’s diversity starts here, and with the help of attending events and just acknowledging it, people will feel loved and like they belong in our school. 

“I think that having more representation is going to help minorities see themselves…and for people to feel like they belong, which is so important,” Barbara Alvarez, a committee member of RAD said. 

There is definitely a bright future for this committee, and it all starts with our student body. 

“To promote inclusion and celebrate diversity within our community…recognizing that we are all Raiders and that we all have something different to bring to the table is just one main goal for RAD,” Lauren Teeter said.