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G. Watt

Huntley High School RAD Event, 9.23.2022

By Grace Watt
September 27, 2022

The RAD Event on 9/23 was filled with people celebrating, DJs playing music, and food trucks handing out delicious meals to those who came to experience....

Leading by example

Leading by example

Senior Seth Kardys takes pride in being a freshman gym leader.
By Brooke Hamann
March 25, 2022

His contagious laugh lingers through the locker room.  Reaching over, he grabs his black t-shirt, his so-called gym uniform. Looking at him from the front,...

Senior, Cara Haugh, and her mother during “Senior Night.”

Cara Haugh’s lasting memories with dance

Senior, Cara Haugh shares about her memorable moments within her prior years of being a dance athlete
By Lael Malibiran
January 26, 2022

As little children, we often had hobbies that would only interest us for only a little amount of time, but as 2-year-old Cara Haugh first stepped her little...

Courstey of Molly Baker

The effect on the Senior Class

By Molly Baker
December 4, 2020

As senior Linsdey Leigh starts her morning, she grabs her Chromebook, coffee, and backpack to get to her first-period class. She walks into her room where...

Courtesy of M. Wsol

Trust me, it is not as bad as you think

By Melina Wsol
October 4, 2020

5:30 a.m., my alarm goes off; 6 a.m. breakfast; 6:30 a.m. is when the bus comes; 7 a.m. first period, and classes all day until 2:26 p.m. I get home around...

Courtesy of @HuntleySwimming on Twitter

Huntley dives back into swimming

By Annaliese Harper
October 1, 2020

Last year, the Huntley High School girls swim team had an outstanding year, breaking six of nine previous records, and qualifying for state in three of...

Enjoy your summer vacation!

Enjoy your summer vacation!

May 23, 2014
The Voice will be running a limited operation during the summer, so enjoy the sunshine and look for updated content in the fall!
Courtesy of MCT Campus

“Transcendence” fails to rise above a clunky plot

By Holly Baldacci
April 19, 2014
To me, the most successful sci-fi focuses on concepts just out of our reach and plays them off as plausible. “Transcendence” starts out with this promise, but as the minutes tick by, the plot only grows more ridiculous, and the concepts become almost magical as opposed to scientific and technological.
From the swamp to the stage

From the swamp to the stage

By Holly Baldacci
April 9, 2014
For the next few days in the Performing Arts Center, a replica of Shrek’s swampy home-sweet-home will lurk at the left of Huntley High School’s stage, and Princess Fiona’s childhood tower will perch on the right. The stage is set for the Thursday premiere of “Shrek the Musical,” this year’s all-school musical directed by Nancy Cross, Tom George, and Michelle Sopchyk.
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