The effect on the Senior Class


Courstey of Molly Baker

By Molly Baker

As senior Linsdey Leigh starts her morning, she grabs her Chromebook, coffee, and backpack to get to her first-period class. She walks into her room where she signs onto Zoom and she does her school day alone. This year is like no other, students are not able to attend class in person and were placed all remote until the 2021 semester. 

As Leigh’s senior year approached, the dreams of her senior year slowly started to fade away. 

“You grow up watching all these movies and TV shows of characters in high school going to homecoming, senior prom, the football games, and all these moments are not happening because of Covid,” Leigh said. 

Leigh is very involved within her school and community. With school being canceled and connection to others being very limited, it is hard to enjoy the time we have left in high school. 

“Clubs were a great way to make new friends and hang out with the ones you already had,” Leigh said. 

Many seniors are finding it hard to stay positive during this time. Many struggle to find ways to enjoy their senior year before they go to college. Their jobs have been shut down, college campus visits have been postponed, and they do not have the support of their peers during this time. 

Senior Tanner Jensen is one of the many seniors that feels that they have been robbed of their high school experience. 

“I have missed out on football and basketball games. I also miss meeting new people. I hope to go back for the second semester so the senior class can still get to the things they have missed out on. I think many of us would like to have a senior prom and the end of the year activities” Jensen said. 

For other seniors, their daily lives are the same. Many are doing well with remote learning and have seen their mental health and grades get better over the semester. Seniors like Lorelei Oomans, like to keep to themselves and enjoy the freedom they have. 

“I have been able to operate on my schedule more than I ever have before. It has not been too different and that has been good for me” Oomans said. 

It is great to know that many are doing well with remote learning. It can be hard to keep a schedule and continue working during these times. It is important to keep each other positive. 

Seniors are not forgotten. Just last week, Dr. Belin had a senior tribute to the students, including the Huntley fire department. It is nice to feel appreciated during these times especially when many are feeling so alone. 

“I have to be grateful for what the school is doing for our class. These times are tough and I am happy that we can stay positive. I still have a job and my family is healthy so I am very excited,” Leigh said. 

Regardless of the outcome of the year for seniors, it is good to know that the school and students are in this together.