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Martina Sapia explores Illinois

New place, new experiences

Foreign exchange student Martina Sapia spends her senior year at Huntley High School
By Jadyn Sola
March 19, 2024

Traveling from Italy to Illinois, foreign exchange student Maria Sapia decided to spend her senior year at Huntley High School. She arrived in Illinois...

Eros posed as Gatsby during a rehearsal.

The Greatest Gatsby

By Santino Bedolla
March 8, 2024

The hallway leading to the Black Box Theater boomed with people getting ready to audition, reciting their monologues. Through the commotion in the room,...

Note-able talent

Junior Grace Comeaux shares a passion for playing the trumpet as she hopes to influence others as well
By Reagan Young
November 14, 2023

Standing bravely in front of an audience consisting of hundreds of people, junior Grace Comeaux lifts her trumpet high and begins to play the first notes...

Delaneys Senior Sunday

A junior making her way across the graduation stage!

Delaney Stock graduating a year early.
By Carolyn Piepenbrink
November 1, 2023

As parents and siblings fill the gymnasium seniors take their seats as they get ready to walk on stage, shake Belin's hand, and get their diploma but then...

Aktai and his team after they had won their soccer game.

Journey to a new beginning

Aktai Mametjanov’s life changes forever after leaving Kyrgyzstan to the United States.
By Taya Blum
October 4, 2023

Going from a small school knowing all 50 kids per classroom to a high school with about 3,000 kids, not knowing who anyone is was a big change, and he...

Lily Engelhardt and Ludovica De Luca at Homecoming.

Senior year in a different country

Ludovica De Luca leaves Italy to experience high school in Huntley
By Sydney Derbas
September 29, 2023

Starting senior year is hard enough, but starting it in a different country can be even harder. Making friends, learning a new language and taking new...

Rachel Schumacher now plays on Huntleys Kings hockey team.

Going against the norm

Senior Rachel Schumacher has been playing hockey for 15 years
By Gretchen Sweeney
April 30, 2023

Women’s participation in male dominated sports is on its rise. Many women are starting to participate in sports such as wrestling and football, which...

Betting on Success

Betting on Success

Senior Dino Kossivas trades stock, keeps track on his earnings, and uses his knowledge to his advantage.
By Matt O
April 17, 2023

Dozens of graphs go up and down, numbers and prices changing every second. To some, this may seem like a lot to manage, but for Dino Kossivas, this is...

This QR code will lead to more information about St. Baldricks.

Going Bald for St. Baldricks

Hunter Labas vouches to shave his head for cancer awareness.
By Samantha Webb
February 9, 2023

39.5% of people are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and approximately 6,000 are children ages 15-19. A parent's worst fear is that diagnosis. They...

Emma Swiersz is hard at work during Tech Crew, making sure to fulfill her responsibilities.

Lights, props, sounds, oh my!

Junior Emma Swiersz spends hundreds of hours behind the scenes of Huntley’s most memorable shows.
By Abby Panier
February 6, 2023

When theater comes up in a conversation, usually bright images of fun costumes, talented actors, and booming soundtracks come to mind. But behind the scenes...

On top of teaching Conceptual Physics classes, Garcia also teaches the year-long Electronics course.

Science teacher gravitates to potential

Physics teacher Daniel Garcia positively impacts students.
By Zoe Emerson
January 30, 2023

The first day of school is full of excitement for students and faculty alike. The new school year is a Renaissance, as it is a time of great change. When...

Adam Pena in the middle of a wrestling match.

A veteran in the sport of life

Senior Adam Pena had dedicated his life to wrestling, and does not plan on stopping.
By Matt O'Connell
January 20, 2023

As the screaming crowd settles, the score resets, and the nerves begin, senior Adam Pena gets to work. After shaking his opponent’s hand, an analysis...

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