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Junior Grace Comeaux shares a passion for playing the trumpet as she hopes to influence others as well

Standing bravely in front of an audience consisting of hundreds of people, junior Grace Comeaux lifts her trumpet high and begins to play the first notes of Huntley’s Marching band show “State Of Mind.” Despite being in a brass sextet, Comeaux’s beautiful tone is heard clearly by everyone, causing them to sway their bodies and tap their feet in response to the melody.

However, all great musicians had to start somewhere. In sixth grade, Comeaux absentmindedly picked up a trumpet and attempted to blow a note or two. Six years later, Comeaux is one of the most talented players in the district, renowned for her trumpet playing. But this was not done without hard work and countless hours of practice. 

“I practice every day,” Comeaux said. “I usually practice anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. Trumpet has taught me that if you want something, you have to work for it. Hard work gives good rewards.”

Comeaux is living proof that hard work truly does pay off. Currently, Comeaux is involved in Marching band, Jazz band, Jazz combo, Pep band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, and was recently accepted into the highly prestigious Illinois Music Educators Association. 

Despite her love for the trumpet, it can be extremely difficult. As a high school student, it can be hard to find motivation to practice and to gather the courage to play in front of large crowds. But Comeaux pushes through each day, improving more and more with every hour of practice. 

“I have continued to play trumpet because it is my passion and it is the thing I love,” Comeaux said. “It is just something I have grown a love and a passion for.”

Being in so many different musical groups and activities, Comeaux has been able to share her passion with others. In Marching band specifically, where she acts as section leader, she has influenced her trumpet section, especially the freshman. 

“Grace has helped me a lot with becoming a better musician, as well as becoming a good person,” freshman trumpet player Maria Buchs said. “She is a very talented person who is very open, kind, and respectful to everyone.”

She has not only influenced her peers, but her hard work and leadership skills have been evident to everyone who has worked with her. 

“Grace is an excellent student and leader,” band director Daniel Jack said. “She is always down for a challenge, will play anything, and help anyone. [She is] very friendly. Just a very good overall student and person.”

Since becoming so involved with the various high school bands and music groups in freshman year, Comeaux has not only enjoyed just making music, but sharing and enjoying her passion with others who love music as much as her. 

“I love making music with people,” Comeaux said. “I know that sounds very self-explanatory, but I love playing my trumpet in general, hearing how beautiful or exciting or even sad stuff sounds when you play it with other people. The chores and overtones and melodies you make are just really beautiful.”

Comeaux will be a senior next year, but already has plans for what she wants to do with her future. Comeaux plans on being a music educator one day, teaching her passion to young aspiring musicians. 

“To any young, struggling musicians, I would say just push through,” Comeaux said. “Continue on because every great musician was once in your place and feeling like they are not worth it, but if you put in the work and you try and you really persevere through any struggles you may find, you will soon find yourself confident and more skilled.”

Comeaux plans to do great things for her music career in the near future, but for the time being, she will continue to act as a leader and role model for her friends and aspiring musicians.

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