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Hope you did not sleep on this fundraiser!

Hope you did not sleep on this fundraiser!

HHS Band hosted a Mattress Fundraiser
By Carolyn Piepenbrink
March 19, 2024

As people walk into the school they are greeted by a set of students that direct them around the red and white halls to the cafeteria, where the fundraiser...

J. Capito

Elegant Evening, 2.24.24

By Jaeden Capito
February 27, 2024

On Saturday, Feb. 24, the high school's band program held an event in the cafe area. The event featured all types of music, big raffles, and good food.

Tantra members Annalisa Renghini and Matthew Glosson perform at an event.

Music bands Huntley together

Late Start Live on Wednesday mornings features student-run bands.
By Gianna Monilaw
February 25, 2024

Every Wednesday, Huntley High School hosts a live band in the commons area, which is better known as Late Start Live. Students have found a better connection...

Note-able talent

Junior Grace Comeaux shares a passion for playing the trumpet as she hopes to influence others as well
By Reagan Young
November 14, 2023

Standing bravely in front of an audience consisting of hundreds of people, junior Grace Comeaux lifts her trumpet high and begins to play the first notes...

Instructor Rick Rhode shows pianist Will Geske the rhythm that he wants Geske to play alongside the others in the rhythm section.

The keys to success

Sophomore Will Geske plays the piano
By Santino Bedolla
November 14, 2023

A simple wave of the hand cues the band's entrance. The sound around the pianist seemingly fades as they experience a moment of total concentration and...

Santino Bedolla, top right, in uniform sitting with his euphonium and in uniform.

Marching in to the lead

As the new band leaders are chosen, sophomore Santino Bedolla takes on new opportunities to grow and lead as a Low Brass Section leader
By Taryn Rainey
April 18, 2023

Sophomore Santino Bedolla lifts his euphonium up to his mouth, as he finds his mark before his cue. Marching band is meticulous, but he has found a deep...

One of the many performances where Comeaux blows the crowd away with her trumpet.

Jazzed to visit NIU

Sophomore Grace Comeaux received a scholarship to visit the NIU Combo Day.
By Maria Loiseau
March 12, 2023

Performing with some of the best musicians in the area, visiting Northern Illinois University’s Music Building, meeting guest artists, and more seems...

Parents and students gather to watch the musicians perform at the event.

Euphonious experience in support of the band program

HHS spent a night among stars as middle school and high school band students performed
By Arianna Joob
February 6, 2023

One blustery afternoon in February, Huntley High School’s band boosters hosted a fundraiser called Night Among the Stars. The event was held on Saturday,...

Huntleys Harmonies: Episode 2

Huntley’s Harmonies: Episode 2

Join Prianca as she introduces us to trombone player Angie Sadowski.
By Prianca Waters
November 10, 2022

Krivosik is passionate in leading his students through conducting the band.

Conducting the way for students’ success

HHS band director Kevin Krivosik shows enthusiasm and devotion through his teaching.
By Maya Hiermann
November 7, 2022

Every morning at 7 a.m. for five days a week, Kevin Krivosik arrives at school, ready to inspire future musicians. He grabs his baton and leads his students...

R. Habel

Huntley Band Performance, 10.19.2022

By Rae Habel
October 27, 2022

Huntley's band performance featured movements. A movement is where the band performs the music and continues without applause. This can be described as...

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