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Santino Bedolla, top right, in uniform sitting with his euphonium and in uniform.

Marching in to the lead

As the new band leaders are chosen, sophomore Santino Bedolla takes on new opportunities to grow and lead as a Low Brass Section leader
By Taryn Rainey
April 18, 2023

Sophomore Santino Bedolla lifts his euphonium up to his mouth, as he finds his mark before his cue. Marching band is meticulous, but he has found a deep...

Non-for-profit organizations are some of the best places to volunteer, especially for the summer.

Volunteer vibes blog 4

Advice for summer volunteering, and volunteering at non-for-profits
By Maria Loiseau
May 3, 2022

As the school year starts to come to an end, there are fewer opportunities to volunteer through the school, or even help at the school, but there are still...

Maria cleaning dog cages at the Animal House Shelter

Volunteer Vibes Blog 3

Maria volunteers at the Huntley Animal House Shelter
By Maria Loiseau
February 11, 2022

The other day I signed up to volunteer at the Animal House Shelter in Huntley. Honestly, I was kind of nervous, and this was for two reasons; I have a...

Maria picks up trash with fellow volunteers.

Volunteer vibes blog #2

Leos Club and Lions Club International partner for a highway clean up
By Maria Loiseau
December 2, 2021

Trash is something that everyone accumulates throughout their day, but even throwing a simple plastic bag out of your car can make an impact on the environment....

A. Panier

The pandemic cannot stop student volunteers

By Abby Panier
March 19, 2021

Click. The white screen blinds the Silver Cord sponsor for a moment as she waits for to load. The rich royal purple floods the web page....

Leggee Elementary hosts annual Daddy Daughter Dance

Leggee Elementary hosts annual Daddy Daughter Dance

By Holly Baldacci
April 15, 2013

On Saturday, Leggee Elementary hosted its annual Daddy Daughter Dance, featuring the theme "Meet Me in Paris." About 700 attendees were at the event, which...

Volunteering in the library has seen a decline in recent years due to limitations on in-school volunteering (A. Knipp).

Volunteering in library has been limited in recent years

By Ashley Knipp
February 10, 2012
A few years ago, there was at least one student volunteer in the library per class period. Today, there are no volunteers. Not because our students are selfish, but because for right now, they are not allowed to volunteer at the library during school hours.
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