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Leggee Elementary hosts annual Daddy Daughter Dance


On Saturday, Leggee Elementary hosted its annual Daddy Daughter Dance, featuring the theme “Meet Me in Paris.” About 700 attendees were at the event, which lasted from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Co-Chairs of the dance Kate Darnall and Kristy Schipani, have been planning the dance since last year, when the dance was luau-themed.

“We’ve done it for a couple of years,” said Darnall. “We pick out the theme in the fall and then start buying things and figuring things out.”

Huntley High School volunteers clean up after the night of fun has ended (H. Baldacci).
Huntley High School volunteers clean up after the night of fun has ended (H. Baldacci).

This year, the Paris themed event consisted of an Eiffel Tower photo booth, a decked-out dance floor, Parisian café decorations in the cafeteria, and “La Maison du Chocolat” featuring chocolate fondue-style goodies from Morkes Chocolates.

“We had a lot of parents that complimented tonight, and the kids have a blast because they like the favors and seeing the school decorated,” said Darnall.

The gym, which was where the main events of the night took place, was decorated with strands of fairy lights, flashing lasers, and colorful spotlights. Each girl attending the dance received a glow bracelet to wear as well. Swarms of girls in brightly colored dresses wove around the gym with their dads, singing along to Taylor Swift and dancing in Conga lines.

Each girl also received a gift bag in the cafeteria. The bags included fruits, mints, and French pastries.

Due to long lines at the photo booth and the chocolate room, the event was extended until 9:00 p.m. to ensure that each attendee would be able to experience every aspect of the night.

Huntley High School volunteers also attended the event to help it run smoothly, and performed tasks like setting up decorations, filling gift bags, and running drink stations. The volunteers also assisted in taking down the decorations and cleaning up after the night came to an end. Some even joined the fun on the dance floor.

“I couldn’t do this without Kate,” said Schipani, “and all of our volunteers have helped our vision come true.”

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