Marching in to the lead

As the new band leaders are chosen, sophomore Santino Bedolla takes on new opportunities to grow and lead as a Low Brass Section leader


Courtesy of Santino Bedolla

Santino Bedolla, top right, in uniform sitting with his euphonium and in uniform.

By Taryn Rainey

Sophomore Santino Bedolla lifts his euphonium up to his mouth, as he finds his mark before his cue. Marching band is meticulous, but he has found a deep love for it over the two years he has participated in the program. And he has focused on mastering his craft. 

Bedolla joined marching band last year and was chosen, as a sophomore, to be the low brass section leader. However, growing into a leadership position has helped him break out of his shell and become involved in multiple aspects of the school and the Huntley community. 

“If I didn’t do marching band, I wouldn’t be anywhere,” Bedolla said. “I have so many friends because of the marching band.” 

Bedolla’s friends have been able to turn him from a quiet kid to one that can light up a room with his personality. Many have been able to turn a bad day into a good one by seeing him as he generally brings up the moral. 

“I can’t remember what last time he had a break [from] smiling,” senior Jayden Bell said. 

Bedolla has looked up to and grown close to Bell over the past two years. The two played in the same section, so Bell has been able to give him some pointers on how to grow as a euphonium player. 

As well, Bedolla has found a home in many aspects of band because of the role models around him. 

“There’s a lot of activities like pep band, marching band, jazz band, and he’s now participating in most of those,” Bell said. 

Bedolla has found a big part in the community as well, as he has started to volunteer at different organizations. 

“There’s been a lot of volunteering opportunities, for example, Feed My Starving Children,” Bedolla said. 

His part in the community has helped him realize why he would like to be a leader of one of the sections. His outgoing personality and caring qualities have helped him grow strong qualities needed in a leader. His main goal as a leader is to create opportunities and a safe place for the people in his section. 

“I think our relationship will grow because we have been really good friends ever since the beginning of freshman year,” sophomore Mia Kaltenecker said. “Up to now, it’s been our dream to have that title of leadership together.”

Kaltenecker is one of the drum majors for next year’s marching band, and Bedolla and her will have plenty of time to grow as players, leaders, and friends. Kaltenecker has played a vital role in helping Bedolla break out of his shell over the past two years. 

As well, Bedolla has already shown the growth needed to present his leadership skills, as his maturity and communication skills were exemplary and helped band director Kevin Krivosik decide on the role Bedolla would play. 

“I chose him so he can help be that example for students who may need a little bit of extra help,” Krivosik said.  

Bedolla is off to a great start, as creating a welcoming space is one of his main goals, so his natural ability to help others will be a great asset to him in the future. 

Additionally, Bedolla has focused on working on his skills and has taken private lessons to grow as a player. His growth in skill will help him become the best leader he can be, and his growth is evident to Krivosik and others around him.

“In regard to who he is as a person, I’ve seen him really grow into himself,” Krivosik said. “He will be able to take command of the room and demonstrate his leadership skills, so that the low brass section is able to do what they need to do for this upcoming season.”