Euphonious experience in support of the band program

HHS spent a night among stars as middle school and high school band students performed


A. Joob

Parents and students gather to watch the musicians perform at the event.

By Arianna Joob

One blustery afternoon in February, Huntley High School’s band boosters hosted a fundraiser called Night Among the Stars. The event was held on Saturday, Feb. 4 from 3 to 7 p.m. and was an open house style. 

Tickets were on sale for $5 to help support the band program with anything from new equipment to uniforms, instruments, and more. If people were unable to attend the event they also had an online opportunity for teachers and families to purchase raffle tickets ahead of time to support the band.

“The process started with some of us parents getting together and starting a committee and that was about five months ago,” said Carrie McCabe, head organizer of the event. 

The parents and people in charge of the band boosters program spent months reaching out to various places for donations of gift basket items and other donations to help out with the event. They also tried to spread the word about the event over social media and around the school.

The event itself was held in the cafeteria and commons area at HHS. They had a raffle basket table in the commons and a photobooth right near the check-in for the event. Inside the actual cafeteria were people watching HHS and Heineman Middle School students perform. They also had light appetizers and desserts available for people to share throughout the event.

Many students of either the high school or middle school came to support their siblings perform.

“It’s fun seeing everybody’s opinion on the band program and listening to the music,” said Olivia Pontious, an eighth grader supporting her brother, Iain Pontious.

The fundraiser allowed people to learn more about the band program and the students abilities as people were able to listen to the ‘stars’ throughout the whole night.

“So far it looks like [there was] a great turnout [at the event], and the kids sound great,” said Tiffany Thakkar, current president of the band boosters at HHS. “I’m really happy to see that people are coming in to support us.”

The fundraiser allowed many students opportunities to showcase their talents and had many fun opportunities for the band program to raise money for new improvements to their program. Everyone that went seemed to have a good time.

After lots of hard work with the band boosters, it looks like the event was a symphonic success.