Zipping into the hearts of the less fortunate

The Leo’s Club hosted a fundraiser for the Huntley community to donate their gently worn coats for the winter season


I. Banerjee

Juniors Amanda Sarrol and Christina Smith proudly showcasing their coat donation display.

By Maya Hiermann

Within the week of Jan. 23, Leo’s Club organized a coat drive to help the less fortunate during the Midwest’s chilliest month. Leo’s Club is volunteer-based where Huntley High School students can support the community by making a difference and raising awareness for various events.

 “I think it is a helpful organization for the HHS community because it helps to create a positive environment by volunteering, helping others, and uplifting people,” sophomore Rumaithah Khan, co-vice president of Leo’s Club, said.

In addition to the Leo’s Club devoting their time to this event, members made notes with heartwarming and wholesome phrases. They decorated their cards with an assortment of colored paper and plenty of stationery supplies ranging from markers to colored pencils. They then took their hand-crafted notes and placed them into the coat pockets of approximately 50 donations.

“It always surprised me that we get more donations than I anticipated,” senior co-president Taylor Trent said. “I am so happy that people listen to us and we make an impact on the school.”

Further into this week, the Leo’s Club was working with the organization One Warm Coat, as members will deliver these coats. They accept any coat that is gently used in clean condition without dirty stains or gaping holes. This organization recently hit its 30th anniversary, receiving 7.3 million coat donations and supporting roughly 43,000 coat drives. 

“One Warm Coat has different locations around the country where you can drop off coats at homeless shelters and distribute them to people who are in need,” senior co-president Nataly Rodriguez said.

Although the coat drive is finished and was a success, do not fret because Leo’s Club has several events in store for the Huntley community. 

“Our upcoming event in February is going to be a carnation flower purchase and we are going to donate to an Epilepsy Foundation,” junior co-vice president Amanda Sarrol said. “Events like these help people all around the world and help our peers realize that we can make an impact in the community.”