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Hope you did not sleep on this fundraiser!

HHS Band hosted a Mattress Fundraiser
C. Piepenbrink

As people walk into the school they are greeted by a set of students that direct them around the red and white halls to the cafeteria, where the fundraiser is held. They were then greeted by Daniel Jack, the band director, who was there if they needed any help.

 “This is for the band program to raise money for the students for new instruments, for repairs, travel opportunities, and for new music, and all kinds of stuff. This money will go back to the students and their experiences, so if someone needs a mattress they could come and get one,” Jack said.

 Fundraisers that are for more opportunities are amazing. It shows how many people care about each sport and art while also giving people on the outside a chance to help with raising money they also get something in return. Fundraisers not only benefit schools but also have a positive impact on the community; they bring people together, create a sense of unity, and create opportunities for local businesses and organizations to contribute. Community members can show their support by attending fundraisers, purchasing services, or volunteering their time. It is a wonderful way to strengthen the town of Huntley and make a difference in sports, arts, and school communities alike. Fundraisers like this can help with the students in bands’ experience during their four years of high school.

“My favorite part about being in a band is hearing the new music and hearing the pieces come together when we’re learning,” freshman Olivia Wadman said.

Making connections like the ones made in the HHS band can make an influential change in many students’ lives. Help from the fundraiser can get them new music, and it can bring them joy because they get to learn new pieces and watch them come together for the people outside of the band to be able to listen to the amazing music they work so hard on. Making connections is important for students, when schools help students make connections, it can have a positive impact on their social and emotional well-being. Building relationships with peers and teachers can create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. It can also help students develop important social skills and expand their network for future opportunities. So, it’s great that HHS can do fundraisers like the Band Mattress Fundraiser. 

“My favorite band is the friends and lifelong friendships you meet and make along the way that you know you will forever have a connection with,” junior Logan Hastings said.

Band has a tremendous impact on high school students. It provides students with a creative outlet, helps develop teamwork and discipline, and helps with a sense of belonging and community. Being a part of the band allows students to express themselves through music, build lifelong friendships, and develop important skills like collaboration and perseverance. Plus, they play songs for Huntley High School. The band plays at football games in the morning when someone is going to state and plays at competitions. Knowing and meeting new people each year who are interested in the same things as you is so incredibly cool. Other students and parents get to watch them grow as they perform as the years go on. They are everyone’s biggest cheerleaders, and getting to create newer and better music with new and better instruments is how they will continue to do so. 

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Carolyn Piepenbrink, Staff Writer
Carolyn Piepenbrink is a first-year staffer on The Voice. In her free time, she swims and is on the HHS girls Varsity swim team. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends.

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