Huntley’s “Godspell” musical entices audience

The new musical’s cast flaunts the students’ theatrical abilities


N. Vongchanh

The troupe comes together to play with sock puppets, a scene in “Godspell”

By Natalie Vongchanh

Families, friends, and students of District 158 came together to watch Huntley High School’s new musical performance, “Godspell.”

From colorful sets to a fantastic pit, each actor performed phenomenally. The dances were choreographed by dance teacher Cadence Niccum, and it created more emotion for the audience to feel. 

“I liked how passionate the singers were while performing,” senior Lindsey Surdam said. “It really brought the musical to life and even if it was confusing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The story is about actors coming together with Jesus to teach the lessons they learn from him. They comically tell their own stories and play games together throughout the storyline. Along the way, they sing to tell new stories and incorporate their own jokes.

“We are putting on the performance of Godspell when we’re kind of not getting it together and then we get this professional guy to come and he sort of brings the show all together,” sophomore Grace Comeaux said.

Their pit section consisted of guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a pianist. A few songs they played were “Tower of Babel,” “By My Side,” “All Good Gifts,” and “Learn Your Lessons Well.”

“I really love ‘We Beseech Thee’ my good friend Grace Comeaux sings,” junior Emma Ferguson said. “She’s a sophomore which is insane, she’s amazing, and the whole dance was amazing too.”

Comeaux was one of the principal actors and sang her own song with the trumpet. It was her first time singing a song on her own, and she pulled it off with no sweat. Because she plays the trumpet in the high school’s band, she was given the opportunity to play her instrument. Not only did she incorporate it into her song, but the show would make jokes about how loud her practicing was in the middle of the night.

At the end of the musical, the storyline started to follow a few Bible verses and events that occurred during the time period. Conflicts arose and the actor who played Jesus was betrayed by his own group.

After the troupe realized Jesus is still by their side after he died, they regained hope. The musical ended with a grand finale as all the actors sang their last song together.