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Music bands Huntley together

Late Start Live on Wednesday mornings features student-run bands.
Courtesy of Matthew Glosson
Tantra members Annalisa Renghini and Matthew Glosson perform at an event.

Every Wednesday, Huntley High School hosts a live band in the commons area, which is better known as Late Start Live. Students have found a better connection to the school with being able to collectively watch these live performances every late start Wednesday. Most students have also found this to be engaging as well as encouraging to those who have hidden talents and want to showcase their musical abilities in front of the school. 

“I had started really playing guitar in late 2022 and at the time a friend of mine was trying to start a band,” senior Gavin Harrison said. “In the first few days of January 2023 I had joined, and through some obstacles we’ve gotten to where we are now. Over my musical career, there have been a lot of projects I’ve been invited to join as well, most of which I’ve denied, except for one that is currently in the works.”

This band specifically, Tantra, sings punk rock music and finds that this style resonates with them the most.

 “My favorite genre to play is definitely alt rock or punk rock,” Harrison said. “As a kid, I grew up around a lot of punk rock. My father is in a punk band and took me, and still does now to a lot of punk shows in the state, so it makes sense to me that the stuff I like to play is really punk rock inspired.”

Through creating their own band, the members of Tantra have an enhanced appreciation for music and have developed a special connection with one another.

“Having music that makes you wanna move is what brings me into liking that genre of music,” senior and Tantra member Davis Farr said. “Sure other genres are capable of doing that, but punk and metal have a special place in my heart; being my first concert and meeting all the people and friends I’ve met through Tantra makes the band more special for me.”

The school’s commons area isn’t the only environment that this band has performed in either.

“We have gone to places to perform but we only have really one song of ours, but I know we’re in contact with other bands out there,” junior Annalisa Renghini said. 

One of these students has a gig of getting into the industry and producing their own music. 

I really hope I can make a career out of music. With a lot of family and friends with connections to venues, studios, and other people in music, I am extremely hopeful I can go somewhere with this and plan on doing so,” Harrison said.

The bands‘ special talents never go unnoticed and are often talked about amongst the school as well as the band members themselves. 

“I play the drums and the reason is because I always like to move and be somewhat active and I’ve always been a big music fan,” Farr said. “Being able to create music and move seems to be a win-win in my book, also being the backbone of a band and not the frontman seemed to be more appealing to me. I’ve never done very well being the main focus of anything.”

Overall, Late Start Lives have given students with musical talents opportunities to perform and show their skills, making late start Wednesdays more enjoyable and exciting for students and staff.

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