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Healthy Mind Episode 2

Join Faith as she explains how physical health can improve mental health!

Exercising releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that help to create a feeling of happiness. The release of endorphins helps improve mental health, reduces symptoms of mental illnesses, and helps to build self-esteem and confidence. There are many positive benefits to exercise, such as better mood, increased energy, and improved sleep.

“Your body can do it, it is your mind you have to train and challenge,” physical education teacher Erin Henricksen said.

Some beginner-friendly exercises are daily stretches, walking, or anything to get your heart rate up. One example of this would be jumping jacks, body squats, and crunches. These are proven to improve mental health and reduce levels of stress or the feeling of being overwhelmed. A good grounding skill to have is breathing techniques, which help people learn to breathe and be present in the moment. 

Exercising can empower someone, both mentally and physically. Since mental health and physical health are one in the same, similar to the concept of yin and yang.

 “There is the physical side, and the mental component,” wrestling coach Erik Lachel said.

Sophomore, Alyssa Aguilar, has been doing wrestling since sixth grade. Throughout her years of wrestling, she has found the sport to be fun and has built meaningful friendships with her teammates. 

“When I exercise, my frustration comes out, the weight comes off of my shoulders. It feels good,” Aguilar said.

Exercise can create a sense of accomplishment for athletes, students, and even educators. 

In the field house girls’ locker room, students can take a paper that has exercises on it off of the fall in love with fitness bulletin board. The exercises on each paper are geared towards overall wellness, mentally, and physically. 

Erin Henricksen finds accomplishment through being an advocate for good physical health and helping students reach personal goals. 

“One of the greatest gifts of being a teacher that teaches fitness is when I get to watch firsthand my students reaching their wellness goals,” Henricksen said.

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Faith Rasmussen
Faith Rasmussen, Staff Writer
Faith Rasmussen is an artist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and a poet. She is currently working on a portfolio of short stories, which she hopes to publish in the near future. This is her first year as a writer for The Voice.

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