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Healthy Mind Episode 2

Healthy Mind Episode 2

Join Faith as she explains how physical health can improve mental health!
By Faith Rasmussen
November 15, 2023

Exercising releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that help to create a feeling of happiness. The release of endorphins helps improve mental...

McQueen smiling for a picture after finishing a volleyball tournament over the weekend. She is also excited for the incoming track and field season to begin.

How she juggles it all

Alyssa McQueen is a student athlete who contributes to Huntley athletics, clubs and continues to do her best at school.
By Sienna Robertson
January 12, 2023

Many students start off their day by waking up early to proceed to arrive at school. While some students get to return home after long hours at school,...

(D. Doyle) Seniors on the Volleyball team with their families getting ready for a picture.

Girls Varsity Volleyball v. Dundee Crown, 10.18.22

By Donovan Doyle
October 19, 2022

On Oct. 18, girls varsity volleyball had their senior night, playing against Dundee Crown. It became a memorable time to congratulate and cheer on the...

Tenuto and another member of the team, Annie Mitchell, stand together on the track.

Jumping to new heights

Senior Paige Tenuto dedicates herself to track & field for the last seven years
By Mira Terranova
April 20, 2022

As the bell rings at 2:26 every school day, Paige Tenuto makes her way down to the field house. She changes into her typical tank top and shorts, pulls...

Taylor runs in a Huntley cross country meet

The many talents of Peyton Taylor

Sophomore athlete competes in multiple HHS sports and battles a season-ending injury.
By Austin Zenaty
November 29, 2021

Peyton Taylor is a sophomore at Huntley High School. He started playing sports at the age of five. The first sport he played was basketball. He is currently...

Her determination helps her stay positive

Her determination helps her stay positive

Freshman Kate Burkey and her experience playing on the varsity tennis team
By Amanda Sarrol
November 15, 2021

As she steps foot on the tennis court, she’s immediately struck with a nervous feeling. She shakes it off as she hits the tennis ball for warm-ups. Once...

Fialek clears a vault in his junior season (Courtesy of Kean Fialek).

Vida de Vault

Kean Fialek’s Journey in the World of Pole Vaulting
By Owen Zimmerman
October 25, 2021

The sun beats down relentlessly on Red Raider Stadium, spectators sprout umbrellas in a desperate search for comfort on the scorched earth. With his feet...

The track to recovery

The track to recovery

By Rachel Brands
April 16, 2014
Most people can't fathom why anyone would want to run for fun. Other people, like Rebecca Cords, can't imagine having a different hobby.
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