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  • September 18Homecoming this Saturday! Make sure to buy your tickets and dress up for the amazing themes!

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RAD LGBTQ+ Event 4/15

RAD LGBTQ+ Event 4/15

Saturday, April 25, Huntley hosts a colorful running event to recognize the LGBTQ+ community.
By Abby Panier
April 17, 2023

Living Life on a Runners High: Episode 2

Living Life on a Runner’s High: Episode 2

Join Ava as she takes you through a day during cross country sectionals.
By Ava Berardi
November 3, 2022

Living life on a runners high: Episode 1

Living life on a runner’s high: Episode 1

Join Ava as she goes through a day in her life leading up to cross country practice and competitions!
By Ava Berardi
October 16, 2022

Girls track and field has had a successful season thus far.

Track and field races to second place

Girls team loses to Burlington High School, beats McHenry
By Christine Idowu
April 28, 2022

On April 25, a cloudy and chilly day, the girls track team had a home game against Burlington Central and Mchenry High School. Even though it was windy,...

The state send-off parades biggest fan

The state send-off parade’s biggest fan

Huntley High School teachers make an impact at state competition.
By Breanna Burak
January 13, 2022

Excitement floods the building as swim team state qualifier, Ella Young, parades through the halls of Huntley High School. The band is blaring the fight...

Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory

Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory

By Delaney Cairns, Staff Writer
October 26, 2020

The gun blared and the giant crowd of girls began their strides toward the blue flag in the distance. The crisp air of the Saturday morning stung their...

Leading the pack

Leading the pack

By Ryan Mills
October 15, 2014
It is cold, but not too cold. Dew resides on the tips of each blade of grass. The orange, red, and yellow tints in the sky start to become more distinct as the new day sets forth. It is a Saturday morning around 5 a.m. Most high school students are in bed sound asleep, but Kelly Meehleib is out doing the one thing she loves most, running.
The track to recovery

The track to recovery

By Rachel Brands
April 16, 2014
Most people can't fathom why anyone would want to run for fun. Other people, like Rebecca Cords, can't imagine having a different hobby.
Making the most of life

Making the most of life

By Kyle Sommerfield
November 7, 2013
English teacher Kay Meyer isn’t content with being a spectator. That’s why she responded so fervently when her nephew asked her about her recent activity, deciding to plan an adventure for every month.
Alexis McFarlin sings and dances her way through the halls of Huntley High School. (Yazmin Dominguez, Voice)

The girl who always sings

By Yazmin Dominguez
January 27, 2012

  A "trance" that is what she calls it. A combination of dancing, singing, and daydreaming. She experiences it everyday, it is how she...

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