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K. Nash

Varsity Cross Country Sectionals, 10.31.2022

By Kathleen Nash
November 3, 2022

Varsity cross country creates history for Huntley High School. The girl's team won sectionals for the first time. From the boy's team, sophomore Tommy...

Both the girls and boys Varsity Cross Country teams in front of the Lake Park track celebrating their state qualifiers and personal bests.

Varsity Cross Country sweeps the Lake Park Sectional

Varsity Cross Country competed at the Class 3A Lake Park Sectional against 18 other teams this weekend and came out with a plaque and state qualifiers.
By Ava Berardi
November 1, 2022

The sun glared in the sky and the air began to turn stale and humid as the runners on the starting line prepared to begin their race. Chants and race motivation...

The state send-off parades biggest fan

The state send-off parade’s biggest fan

Huntley High School teachers make an impact at state competition.
By Breanna Burak
January 13, 2022

Excitement floods the building as swim team state qualifier, Ella Young, parades through the halls of Huntley High School. The band is blaring the fight...

Varsity cross country sweeps school records at state

Varsity cross country sweeps school records at state

Junior Molly Allen breaks her own school record at the state meet
By Ally Jorgensen
November 9, 2021

As freshman Tommy Nitz slipped off his warm-up jacket and sweatpants, he took a deep breath and glanced down at his bright blue spikes to make sure the...

Freshman Tommy Nitz performs a trial run during practice.

Huntley’s fastest runner: Freshman Tommy Nitz

By Brittney Burak
October 14, 2021

Following the loud bang of the gun, a crowded group of boys took off for yet another cross country race. For the Huntley boys, Tommy Nitz would be the...

Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory

Breanna and Brittney Burak pace their way to victory

By Delaney Cairns, Staff Writer
October 26, 2020

The gun blared and the giant crowd of girls began their strides toward the blue flag in the distance. The crisp air of the Saturday morning stung their...

12/5 Board of Education COW meeting: Celebrating greatness

12/5 Board of Education COW meeting: Celebrating greatness

By Ayman Mirkhan
December 6, 2019

To achieve greatness. Most of the time this concept is associated with famous names such as Michael Jordan or Walter Payton, but sometimes the obtainment...

The boys and girls cross country teams pose with their regional championship plaques.

Huntley’s Cross Country seniors end career on high note

By Tyler Watkins
November 9, 2015

he season came to an end Saturday for Huntley’s boys and girls cross-country teams. The boys team was able to send three senior runners-Keagan Smith,...

Race to the finish

Race to the finish

By Mawa Iqbal
October 20, 2014
The fallen leaves crunch beneath her spikes as she pounds on the uneven terrain. The cheers and ringing cowbells from the spectators are drowned out by her heavy breathing and the shouting voices in her head, telling her she’s almost there and helping her to power through the last hill before the finish line.
Runners reach the final part of the Fox Valley Conference meet

Keagan Smith finishes third in FVC meet

By Danielle Rivera
October 21, 2013
The runners wait in deep anticipation for the referee to raise the red flag and fire the gun.. Nobody dares to make a sound. Then suddenly the first shot is fired. The race has officially begun. On Oct. 18, Huntley’s varsity cross country team attended the FVC conference meet at Emricson Park in Woodstock.
Born To Run

Born To Run

By Sophie Murk
October 21, 2011
Beth Parks was born with hip dysplasia, and as a baby the doctors said she may not be able to walk. Now she is one of the best runners int the state.
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