Track and field races to second place

Girls team loses to Burlington High School, beats McHenry


A. Cobb

Girls track and field has had a successful season thus far.

By Christine Idowu

On April 25, a cloudy and chilly day, the girls track team had a home game against Burlington Central and Mchenry High School. Even though it was windy, the girls track team had a victorious win against McHenry but lost to Burlington Central. The score was 56 for Burlington, McHenry was 35, and Huntley was 54. Throughout the stadium, there were first sights of different field events like long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put, then running events. 

Parents, grandparents, and friends, covered in winter coats, hats, and blankets, sat up in the bleachers or around the track to see and support their loved ones. 

In order to keep their muscles warm and prevent them from cramping, many girls were doing short sprints and leg expertise as warm-ups throughout the game. 

One person who stood out in the meet was senior Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu. She was first for triple jump with 11.18 meters and for her 4×100 meter relay team with 51.2 seconds.

“This year has been really good, and I am really proud of myself,” Aninagyei-Bonsu said.

According to Aninagyei-Bonsu, she has been doing track for seven years. She usually does triple jump, 4x100m, and 4x200m. For a sport like track, many of these athletes have goals that they want to achieve and improvements that they want to work on for the season. 

“I really want to work with my endurance, especially towards the finish line,” Aninagyei-Bonsu said.  

Not only did the girls do well for this meet, but they also displayed great moral support for one another by cheering for another during their heats and field events. 

“I love how we all cheer for each other, even if they don’t know you well. I also admire how they are always there for you. Even when you are confused they are always there to help you out,” freshman Margaret Huber said. 

According to Huber, she has been doing track for two years. Huber did long jump and 4x100m for this meet. 

On Friday girls track will have their next meet which is against Wheaton Warrenville.

“That’s a big one, there are some really top-tier teams in the state that are going to be there,” girls track coach Jason Monson said. 

According to Monson, the girls are going to prepare by getting working out, practice with handoffs for relays, and acceleration to get the girls’ legs ready for Friday. Hopefully, the girls win the meet on Friday. Overall, the girls track team did a phenomenal job given the adverse weather circumstances.