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Instructor Rick Rhode shows pianist Will Geske the rhythm that he wants Geske to play alongside the others in the rhythm section.

The keys to success

Sophomore Will Geske plays the piano
By Santino Bedolla
November 14, 2023

A simple wave of the hand cues the band's entrance. The sound around the pianist seemingly fades as they experience a moment of total concentration and...

Arnold practicing her French horn (Courtesy of E. Arnold).

A dream to bestow music to the masses

By Emily Kindl
May 2, 2017

Being 9 years old with her whole life ahead of her, that is when it all began. She could grow up and decide to do anything. And in grade school, in music...

Interview with a Musician: pianist Annie Silkatis

Interview with a Musician: pianist Annie Silkatis

By Mawa Iqbal
December 9, 2015

  Junior Annie Silkatis talks about her love for piano, and plays a song special to her and her parents.

The lone player

The lone player

By Cullen Walsh
November 20, 2013
Tony Dipaulo eases himself into a chair. The piano keys beneath his fingers humbly await his command. A single sheet of paper guides him.

A life of singing

By Katherine Enciso
April 1, 2012
Andrew Rewerts started his music career at a young age and has had many notable experiences, such as singing at a choir at Carnegie Hall.
Out of School and Into Music

Out of School and Into Music

By Franca Onyibor
October 21, 2011
Junior Vickie Choin is a dedicated musician who is graduating early so that she can pursue her passion.
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