The Voice

The Voice

The Voice

Senior Lauren Aceron practices singing before posting a video to her friends on Facebook (courtesy of L. Aceron)

Keeping Passions at Hand

By Ashley O'Brien
November 17, 2015

he anticipation of singing is what keeps Senior Lauren Aceron going everyday. Guitar in her hands, and her mic near by, Aceron has a passion for singing...

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

By Hannah Rosso
December 18, 2013
She hates Starbucks. Headphones in, she collapses into an oversized brown leather chair. Her music is playing just loud enough for those nearby to get a listen. It is something upbeat.
The lone player

The lone player

By Cullen Walsh
November 20, 2013
Tony Dipaulo eases himself into a chair. The piano keys beneath his fingers humbly await his command. A single sheet of paper guides him.
Gorsage skating with other members of the Starlights (courtesy of R. Gorsage).

The draw of the ice

By Holly Baldacci
September 29, 2013
When she places a silver-bladed skate on the mirrored surface of the ice beneath her, she feels her nerves settle. It hasn’t registered yet that she’s about to compete, but she can hear the screams of the audience fading away and before she knows it, the music has started.
Alexis McFarlin sings and dances her way through the halls of Huntley High School. (Yazmin Dominguez, Voice)

The girl who always sings

By Yazmin Dominguez
January 27, 2012

  A "trance" that is what she calls it. A combination of dancing, singing, and daydreaming. She experiences it everyday, it is how she...

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