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Aiden performs a Bri-flip on his scooter at the Sunset Skate Park.

Scooters, sports, and school

Sophomore Aiden Bos brings passion to all aspects of his life.
By Daniel Przybylko
October 12, 2023

As he prepares his mind for the drop, sophomore Aiden Bos knows the risk he is taking. Falling can hurt. Falling has hurt. He brushes off the negative...

Students need to find good studying tactics in order to learn new or old material.

Learning to study

As students get further into second semester, it is necessary to know how to study for the tests to come
By Karolina Perkowski
February 2, 2023

Only a month into the second semester of school, students may be slowly losing their motivation with doing their classwork. Tests may be taking place and...

Many students cannot decide their feelings on the Mathia program. (A. Le)

The ongoing frustration with Mathia

New math curriculum creates boredom and repetitiveness in class
By Anna Karpinski
October 18, 2022

Kids pile into their math classes curious about what they will be learning in class. The teacher knows the class's reaction to what they are about to say...

Labas lectures in class for 10-15 minutes before giving students time to do independent work. (G. Sweeney)

Outwork the homework

Biology teacher Hunter Labas has implemented a no homework policy during his three years of teaching at HHS
By Gretchen Sweeney
October 16, 2022

It was an hour before the first bell rang for Marian Catholic High School and Hunter Labas was scurrying to finish his homework before the eight hours...

Students prioritizing work over school

Students prioritizing work over school

Many students have been putting aside their school assignments and focusing on their jobs instead
By Avery Robertson
March 25, 2022

Many seniors and juniors have jobs outside of the classroom, but they are also responsible for completing their classwork. Recently students have been...

A surgical mask that some students choose to wear to school

Unmasking politics

Controversial environment since masks have become optional
By Sophia Coronado
March 20, 2022

Ever since masks have become optional after the down-state Illinois judge declared the mask mandate over, it seems like there’s been a weird environment...

BOE meeting on Jan. 20

BOE meeting on Jan. 20

By Sean Kovach
January 29, 2022

Huntley School District 158 held its monthly Board of Education meeting this past Thursday, Jan. 20. The meeting began with Doug Renkosik congratulating...

Bringing a Fun Way of Teaching to HHS

Bringing a Fun Way of Teaching to HHS

Math Teacher and Coach Edward Philpot engages well with students, even down to a haircut.
By Connor Considine
January 24, 2022

If students are taking an Algebra II class or College Algebra, looking for help through Raider Aid, or taking an athletic division of the school, they...

Student scans ID at door one

The scanner emergency

A scanner at door four is needed to avoid harsh weather and traffic.
January 21, 2022

With all students present at school, junior and seniors are given the privilege to leave school during the day.  Scanner is The weather conditions...

Courtesy of

BOE Meeting on April 15

By Arianna Joob
April 18, 2021

Another District 158 Board of Education meeting started around 6 p.m. on Thursday. The board members sat down and awaited the start of the live-streamed...

Social workers helping students during the pandemic

Social workers helping students during the pandemic

By Gabby Terez, Staff Writer
December 16, 2020

Assignments, work, summatives, and personal life can already put enough stress on students during a regular school year. Considering the situation with...

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