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Gabby Whitfield, Staff Writer

Gabby Whitfield is a staff writer for the voice, it is her first year on staff. In her free time, Gabby hangs out with her friends, hikes, and works. She likes just about anything associated with being social.

Myers-Briggs personality test: ENFJ-T

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Youtubes controversial decision to remove the dislike button has people wondering why it was removed.

Youtube removing their dislike button is for the better

Do you agree that Youtube should have removed the dislike button?
By Gabby Whitfield
December 7, 2021

Youtube has made the decision to private the dislike count on videos. Many viewers believe that Youtube is taking away their dislike button completely....

Season 4 of On My Block premiered Oct. 4 leaving fans disappointed. (Netflix)

Final season of “On My Block” was not worth the wait

By Gabby Whitfield
October 13, 2021

Nearly 2 years after season three of “On My Block,” season four has been released. "On My Block" consists of a group of four teenagers who are going...

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