Youtube removing their dislike button is for the better

Do you agree that Youtube should have removed the dislike button?

Youtubes controversial decision to remove the dislike button has people wondering why it was removed.

Courtesy of Youtube

Youtube’s controversial decision to remove the dislike button has people wondering why it was removed.

By Gabby Whitfield

Youtube has made the decision to private the dislike count on videos. Many viewers believe that Youtube is taking away their dislike button completely. Youtube decided to remove their dislike count to help prevent attacks on people, they decided not to remove it completely so the option for feedback is still there for the creators. 

Viewers are upset with the removal of public dislike count because you are unable to see other viewer’s reviews of the video. Although, the reason that Youtube did this was to help the creators not feel targeted to the dislike button because of other viewers. Youtube taking away the dislike button count will allow for people to form their own opinions on videos and not jump to a conclusion based on what their peers are thinking.

If you see a video with a huge amount of dislikes versus likes you are more likely to not like the video because you are seeing everyone else’s reactions. In the end the removal of the dislike count helps the audience grasp their own ideas and decisions but allows for the creator to get honest feedback and not have to worry about spam dislikes or peer pressure. 

Youtube decided to remove the dislike count after an experiment they did in July where they temporarily removed the count and realized people are less likely to dislike out of following the crowd. Creators would not be able to have real feedback on their videos and having it so only the creators are able to see the count is helpful, because they are still able to gage who likes their video and who doesn’t. 

Throughout Youtube there would be lots of times that people with big platforms would get an unnecessary amount of hate and dislikes based on the fact it was trendy to not like the influencer at the time. This would shield the influencer from getting feedback on their videos and turn into a form of bullying. Youtube wants to allow the creators to feel like the platform is a safe space to post their creations on without any concern of hate.