Final season of “On My Block” was not worth the wait


Season 4 of “On My Block” premiered Oct. 4 leaving fans disappointed. (Netflix)

By Gabby Whitfield

Nearly 2 years after season three of “On My Block,” season four has been released. “On My Block” consists of a group of four teenagers who are going through high school with very different home lives but still remain best friends. 

Season four was a whirlwind of emotions not executed correctly. It was challenging to execute one storyline with the four main characters being at different stages in their life. 

The first three seasons attracted a wide audience and gained so much popularity. Adding another season and expecting the same response was going to be a challenge, let alone with the ending of season three. Season three ended with the group of four parting their own ways and distancing themselves from each other.

In season four, the group rekindles their friendship forcefully when some of the adventures that took place in previous seasons come back up. After these adventures forced them back together, they are all able to get close again throughout the season. 

With all of this going on, this season was lacking all of the action that made the show so addicting in previous seasons. It was not put together with the same drive as before. Every season prior had a sub-point that the posse had to work out together.

Throughout seasons one to three, there is also this place called Rollerworld where one of the main characters in the group, Jamal, believes they will find all this money. This is what wrapped the whole show together, and the end of season three seemed to complete the adventure since the money to Rollerworld was found.

When watching season four, I expected another adventure to unwind, but it was just a season to show the group finding their way back to each other, which fans could have gone without.