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Scooters, sports, and school

Sophomore Aiden Bos brings passion to all aspects of his life.
Aiden performs a Bri-flip on his scooter at the Sunset Skate Park.
Courtesy of Aiden Bos
Aiden performs a Bri-flip on his scooter at the Sunset Skate Park.

As he prepares his mind for the drop, sophomore Aiden Bos knows the risk he is taking. Falling can hurt. Falling has hurt.

He brushes off the negative thoughts, pushes against the ramp, then lets gravity bring him down. From there, it’s all under his control.

Three years ago, Bos started scootering after watching many popular channels on Youtube.

“Raymond Warner, Ryan Williams, and Tanner Fox were my favorites,” Bos said. “I still watch them today.”

After a year, Bos began to take scootering more seriously and began a dedicated Instagram page to his showcase his accomplishments and humorous fails. His transition to high school that year gave him the opportunity to bring his passions to track and field, where he found success in the high jump.

“Aiden’s work ethic was definitely one of his strengths along with his desire and passion to learn,” track and field coach Chris Maxedon said. “For a freshman last year, he was actually jumping really well, until he got hurt. I really would have liked to have seen what his progression would have been throughout the course of the season, had he not gotten hurt, because I think he would have had a really successful season.”

Bos’ scooter related injury prevented him from doing the things he loved, yet he continued to be a spark for action and happiness in school.

“Right from the get go, Aiden was one of those students in that class who was not afraid to talk and share his ideas,” English teacher Suzanne Starnes said. “I think he really set that tone early on for everyone, which made the class great.”

Bos embodies the idea of being great and happy in everything he does. He hopes to get through the year with good grades, work towards being an even better athlete, and continue his joy of scootering by making a Youtube channel where he can bring more people into the culture, just like he was.

“The skate park is like my second home now,” Bos said. “It’s a place where I can get away and do the stuff that I love doing with friends and by helping people out. People will cheer me on when I’m there but when they ask for help, I always try my best.”

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