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The new AP act that will affect course work.

Expect shocking changes regarding AP classes next year

The new AP Act that was recently implemented will affect student's classes
By Mia Ascencio
January 22, 2024

Imagine arriving at school on Monday, January 22nd, ready to pick out classes for the next year, only to be warned by the teacher to keep an eye out for...

Students need to find good studying tactics in order to learn new or old material.

Learning to study

As students get further into second semester, it is necessary to know how to study for the tests to come
By Karolina Perkowski
February 2, 2023

Only a month into the second semester of school, students may be slowly losing their motivation with doing their classwork. Tests may be taking place and...

Many students must take their tests on Wednesday during the shortened period.

Testing on Wednesdays

Teachers are giving summative assignments during shortened periods
By Jasmine Sandhu
October 13, 2022

Tests are something that many people dread. Get the right answer. Finish before the bell. Pass or fail. Most people feel obligated to watch the time and...

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