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Students attempt to make their decision as the school year continues. CC0 1.0 DEED CC0 1.0 Universal

Class-ic Courses or Advanced Placement

Students are stressed as they wonder whether or not Honors and AP classes are worth it
By Jadyn Sola
November 13, 2023

With course selection for the next school year approaching, many students are debating whether or not they should take advanced or normal classes. Both...

Student sits, contemplating his courses.

Course selection is nothing to fear

Course selection is set early in the year and students are unsure if it is overwhelming or helpful
By Jack Lansu
November 6, 2023

Course selection is one of the most important parts of every school year. The courses chosen have to coincide with goals outside of high school and provide...

Excessive PDA in the halls require action. (S. Webb)

Loss of social distancing sparks too much PDA

Huntley students continue to express their discomfort to couples displaying affection at school.
By Samantha Webb
May 1, 2023

The loud bell rings and starts the transition to the first class of the day. Students rush around, meet up with their friends, and walk slowly through...

Students learn about a variety of topics in their language courses, which leads to growth in many academic areas.

More than a language

World language courses provide countless benefits to students.
By Zoe Emerson
March 19, 2023

Most students are aware of Huntley High School’s graduation requirements. Students have to take courses in a variety of areas to meet educational standards,...

Pickles and Peanut Butter

Pickles and Peanut Butter

Join Rae as she tries some of her most disgusting food combinations yet.
By Rae Habel
January 21, 2023

Students lined up at the Red Raider café  ordering their choice of selections

Raider Way Cafe prices increase as the end of the year approaches

The cafe increases their prices, making it harder for students to afford their favorite treats
By Sharon Omoniyi
November 16, 2022

Chatters erupt near the lunch area. A multitude of students all line up at the Raider Way Café, ready to get their morning coffee and snacks to get through...

Is this Squishmallow bop or flop?

Is this Squishmallow bop or flop?

Reviewing the bumblebee Havin
By Emma Christenson
October 21, 2022

Since the beginning of quarantine in March 2020, I have been fascinated with Squishmallows. So I have begun a blog about myself detailing and rating some...

Many students must take their tests on Wednesday during the shortened period.

Testing on Wednesdays

Teachers are giving summative assignments during shortened periods
By Jasmine Sandhu
October 13, 2022

Tests are something that many people dread. Get the right answer. Finish before the bell. Pass or fail. Most people feel obligated to watch the time and...

Students prioritizing work over school

Students prioritizing work over school

Many students have been putting aside their school assignments and focusing on their jobs instead
By Avery Robertson
March 25, 2022

Many seniors and juniors have jobs outside of the classroom, but they are also responsible for completing their classwork. Recently students have been...

Absence policies have negative effect on Class of 2022

Absence policies have negative effect on Class of 2022

HHS implements new "10 absence" rule and "5 absence policy" for seniors
By Amelia Pozniak
March 23, 2022

One morning, you wake up with a headache. You are exhausted. You are on your menstrual cycle, and, for the second day in a row, everything hurts. Every...

A surgical mask that some students choose to wear to school

Unmasking politics

Controversial environment since masks have become optional
By Sophia Coronado
March 20, 2022

Ever since masks have become optional after the down-state Illinois judge declared the mask mandate over, it seems like there’s been a weird environment...

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